Sunday, December 5, 2010


When I was a toddler, I always used to believe in magic. That someday, a person will come with a wand and spell something, and then perhaps I will be happy forever. Then as I grew up, my memories and beliefs faded away and I started learning science, specifically Engineering and I just forgot those magic stories. But today, I guess, I am reliving it, because today I have proof, a proof that my Professor can do anything, he can change destinies, he can enlighten everything.
This is about a friend who is a true follower of sir, and I am putting this story on this blog to let our readers know, what wonderful people Professors are!! A little of inspiration, a lot of support and to go with that almost  infinite blessings, and my friend today is the topper of the one of the most prestigious colleges of Delhi. That's how it is- and may be it's about the purity of those countless 'God Bless You's ' that today , all I want to say is- Sir, I don't believe, now I am sure, with enough evidence that you are one person who can do anything, and may be that person God sent to us as the magician of our childhood stories. Without doubt, My Professor is the best Professor!! If we gather all ways in the universe to express our gratitude, still we can't thank you for what you have been...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Sincerity, Devotion, Loyality, and Truthfulness, four words that this blog can get a prize for , for being used the maximum number of times. And I am one of those fortunate people, who have heard these words from a person who is a perfect pure combination of all these words.He says- 'Do your work sincerely and then let the God toss the coin' and if you are truthful, every problem of your life will vanish, every adversity will change to fortune, every wrong will become the right.
We , his students, ask him a lot many of times, sir when everything around from ideals to efforts is dipped in the contaminated waters, what else should we do except getting frustrated. And he tells us just one thing- 'God always tosses the coin, but if you want to secure your play, make sure you follow truth without conditions, without questions, and that's when you make God helpless, that's when the coins don't get tossed, that's when the outcome of the play is just one- YOU WIN'.
All I can say is, everyone in the world tries to be truthful, teaches to be truthful, but there are just a few who practice it, fewer who make others practice it, but just one, you,  who can make it embedded in our minds so hard, that before lying to anyone in the word, we will remember - "Akash sir said- never lie, truth makes us win.". And then, we will turn around , to face the world, with courage, energy , enthusiasm, and truth that you inculcated in us, and that day , like today, like always- "WE WILL BE PROUD TO BE YOUR STUDENTS"

Friday, November 26, 2010


Yes, I have wished almost a thousand people birthdays till now.But today, when I wish to wish my Mentor, I have really fallen short of everything, words, wishes, adjectives, ways, because I really don't know how to wish a person who is himself one of the best person of God... To say...


We know God likes you much more,
And HIS wishes today, for you will be much heavier than ours,
Still, our wishes, for your happiness and bliss...

God might already have thought the best ways for the person HE himself is proud of, You, but still our request to HIM to give you even more... of everything you wish for, Sir!!

This is a little site that your followers made for you...

Friday, November 5, 2010

HAPPY DIWALI PROFESSOR...for the value of lights that you taught us

Lights all around are splendid and magnificent and they mean brightness, spirit, strength and happiness. So, I thought , how can I not visit this blog, for this blog belongs to a person who has not just taught us, but has lighted our lives with his sayings, all precious. And why this Diwali gives me a reason to write on this blog is because my Mentor is the person who made me understand the meaning of that word-LIGHT.
 For us as his students, the light he made us see the light of truth, the light of never dying hope, the light of smiles, the light that will not let us face any wrong, be it the darkest darkness of the world , because this light is from our soul. Wishing our Professor, Happy Diwali, because it is the festival of lights.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Yes I accept! Well some people in the world might call me typically Engineering Oriented, but I have other reasons to be completely obsessed with Digital Signal Processing. The first one is , it’s my Mentor’s subject, and the second one is- I am amazed the way my Prof. can actually map everything in the world into this domain. In fact, on this blog, I can internationally claim that if anyone thinks DSP is not their passion, do come to my college and attend Semester 6, 45 marvelous lectures and 12 exciting labs is not what I am talking about, I am talking about the DSP of your life that he’ll teach you.
Here’s what he says about life- “God has given us a Bandwidth-that’s life, and it’s a mixture of good and bad. So our job is to figure out and to filter out the good for simple as that”. And if I perfectly mention it in DSP, I would say that he is one person who can remove the Gibb’s phenomenon out of your life forever, because he has the power to smoothen the discontinuities in his students’ lives, that too with ideal filter sharpness, yet no ripples.
He says- “There’s just one way to success, and that’s to have no negative thoughts ever. The only way that you should see, the only vision that you should hold, the only thing that your soul must echo is- I can do it, and there’s nothing that can’t be done”. Because life is a continuous function, and thus it has infinite solutions. He says; just leave the outcomes on themselves, because true efforts never fail. They are like those little sparks, who may take time, but when they fire, they can light miles.
Many a times, when his students come to him and tell him about a hundred reasons for not doing work, sometimes apparent and sometimes superficially plausible, he just smiles and says- “Cribbing will never help. Don’t hinge upon excuses. Make things work, and they will work!!” He says, when you really want something and you work on it by heart, mind and soul, even the inanimate lifeless things would wish for you, will make you win and make all your hurdles transparent; they will conspire to give you all that you truly desired.
We often tell him- “Sir, it’s not that easy. There are so many tasks, so many problems, the world is so difficult and Engineering, even more”. To that, sir says: “Two things are needed to win anything in life, howsoever mighty, or big, and they are Consistency and Thought”. He tells us to do our best, and leave the validation for the viability of our work to God.
Well, sir, I really have fallen out short on trying to figure out what’s the best way to thank you , for all talks that would keep me and all your followers smiling forever. But then I think, some people can never be thanked, because they are Infinite... And for us as average people, we are taught infinity doesn’t exist and we can never reach it . And as you say- God’s always unreachable....

Monday, October 25, 2010


When we start seeing around, we can often find the magnanimous amount of corruption, enlarged conspiracies and the never ending melodrama of the circles of infinite diplomacies, all hidden behind a veil that we can never put off. That’s how the world is, sweet but bitter!! And this kills, kills the innocence of truth, the hope of good, and the passion for life sometimes! Yes, at-least I can say that as a confident Engineering Student, still looking for a good place in the corrupt domains.
And there I am, back to my campus, back to the room of that single person whom I correctly call the panacea for all despair that his students have. A person who just simply says- “Why bother about the world, when it’s all about YOUR good deeds”, “why look at the world, and not yourself”. Yes, I can track it all back, when sir said- May be more than half of the things in this world are screwed up, but why do we not see the rest of them- that are ours. That’s the vision that my Mentor gave me and I think, in fact, I am sure, this is the only mantra for all success, satisfaction, happiness and peace.
Sir says there’s only one thing that works- and its TRUTH, the only achievement, the only way to a happy future, the only measure of the true success, the only thing in front of which every power fails, every corruption bows down and even the biggest ‘Wrong’ of the world would sit on suppliant knees to beg in repentance. That’s the power of Truth, simple and true...That’s all!!
There are certain sayings by special persons that are important. You just like to hear them. But for sir, neither of the above is applicable. Because these are not just sayings, these are some precious words, by a person whom I am not sure, if I should call a person, rather some heavenly messenger that I want to preserve whatever he says, forever. Perhaps that’s how teachers are, flawless and positive always... And their sayings, so truthful, that I know when I am going to be in trouble even after 20 years, I am going to come back to this blog... And I am going to return happy.... Thank you sir... for being there always....

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Springs are places where origins, optimisms, beginnings and hopes give themselves the shape for their existence. It is the place wherefrom the decisions find strength to walk down the right lanes to reach destinations. And that’s why I say, my mentor is the spring of all optimism that exists.
As he always does say, this time too, it’s about a great philosophy, that I particularly liked and assimilated too. He says- “Life is a game, where God is playing both sides, and we are the outcomes”. Truthfully enough, a game on which we have no hold, we aren’t players, we aren’t anything, just what God decides us to be. So the best way to live is be happy and face what comes ahead, with all energy and spirit, no apprehensions, no expectations.
Sir says, sometimes in life, it’s important to leave the threads loose, and give life a chance to be what it wants to be. The trick is to let things happen the way they want to! You loosen the threads, not cut them. Hoping for good is always wanted, but hoping too much is not! And for all people who believe that future might not be good, sir has to say- Anticipating the future before you live it makes life lesser. The zest of life is in living it full, loosing it less.
For the sadness in us many a times because of small failures, which you converted in innumerable smiles forever, because your teachings give us the meanings of life, all we can say is- “We wish God had created more ways to thank a person like you”. But all we can desire with a true wish is your happiness and we are sure it will be yours, because even God would be proud of creating a person like you....

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Magics do happen. In fact, behind every successful story there’s a magician. And that magician is called- “TEACHER”. A person who, I believe, can inspire you when you are most discouraged, a person who can breathe life in you when you are about to give up, a person who can create belief when all your beliefs have died down, a person who can give you existence when you have lost it, the one who is true, splendid, and in true sense – a messenger sent by God for thousands of those whom God wants to be happy, educated and truthful.
On this eve of Teacher day, not just from me to my teacher but by every true disciple of the world to his magnificent teacher- All we wish is your blessings to be with us forever, all we pray is for you to be happy always, all we desire is for God to give you the honour of being “THE BEST TEACHER”. We know we are not at the position of wishing that, but with a hope that on Teacher’s day, God will listen to the students for sure, all we ask is- for your all wishes to be true always.....


Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Some waters are deep! Ordinary people remain at the shores because the waves seem too large to catch up with, but once you take a dip, your ‘want’ to drown yourself in the water keeps increasing day by day, second by second. And one of those deep, pacifying yet exciting waters is “ENLIGHTENMENT”. Too far yet close, achievable yet unknown!!
Waters are difficult to cross always. You don’t only need boats! What you actually need is- The person who knows where the treasure of the ocean lies! A person that by now, I suppose, every reader of this blog respects, appreciates and admires. To me particularly, rooms of the most learned Professors have been monotonous. Books, papers, pens, mark sheets, magnifiers, a few capacitances and big awards-if you happen to be unfortunately in an Engineering College- That’s called a Professor’s room.
But for the person who is the reason for this blog and its infinite worthy teachings, I have found his room close to my Classroom. A classroom where, when the chalk works, the writings get scribbled not on the black board, but straight in my mind! A classroom where I don’t study about processors and micro controllers, but about making my visions right.  
Being an Engineer, I think it’s a part of our habit. We don’t leave loopholes in making notes. We are extractors. So here’s a part from the notes I made today, no fortunately not about rectifiers, but about life....
Sir says, life is not about running a race or winning it, it is about peace, it is about inner satisfaction, it’s about the simplicity of an inherent existence. Races can’t ever make us win, they create instabilities that ripple down the society and lead to the biggest waves of unstable oscillations. The kind of instability that leads to winning, but not to true success, that leads to money, but not to contentment. And in life, the latter matter more, much more.
About every Engineer, there is a single story- and the title of that story is blindly- Placement. If you need elaborations- PACKAGE. That’s where life ends for us! But sir says, the depth of knowledge can bring any success, the shallow muds can keep you engaged but they can never bring happiness! Money is always an entity, will always be, but it never was “THE entity”, and never will be.
On knowing yourself , sir has to say- “If ever in life, you need to analyze what you are, what you have been, just see the mirror, as simple as that”. And then may be, you will come to know, what you have done, what you have lost, what you have been, what you have got. Sir says- “At the end it is about YOU and YOU”. Challenges can never be taken from outside. It’s just between the little machinery in there- your heart and your mind. Your heart wishes, and your mind does- that’s the path for every success- From the heart straight to the Mind- No hormones, no blood, just the spark to get lighted, to be successful.
Failures are something that we all fear- from age 1 for the fear of not getting food, to age 60 of not getting money. But sir says- if you face failure in life, it has got just two meanings- either the path is difficult so you will need to work harder, or the path is not for you, may be you were meant to be someone else. Failure never means pessimism, the thought that you have failed is wrong. Failure always means optimism- your efforts can fail, but not you. Failures are created because of our Apprehensions- the negative that we emit, once the apprehensions come to an end, every storm inside us comes to a stop. That’s where we forget about the differences between winning and failing. And that’s when we truly win, from inside!!
Things always come up together. So for Success , sir says- success is when you learn to LEARN without fearing, it is about accepting that you can loose, it’s about losing in small trifles to win the big war. Success is always simple, the paths are a bit twisted!  And for success, all we need is to believe in ourselves, to believe in God. And  if you need to see God, you need to be sure that everything inside you comes transparent, without flaw, without malice, without the heavy stones of wild games that destroy the flow of natural emotions.
Sir says- The true bondages are linked by heart. They are not about showing or flaunting your respect and feelings, it is more about valuing them, it is about wishing for someone’s good when miles away, it’s about the large multidimensional heavy-weighted omnipotent blessings that come in nanoseconds to you when you need them- Against all laws of science, but following the law of true bonds!! And for your followers sir, the bonds were and will always be important, because they are the threads which taught us to live life the way it is- difficult but easy, sad but happy, because you taught us to see the better side of things!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Some people in life are revered enough that taking a blessing from them becomes a source of peace, and happiness. This one- a salute from all your students for the infinite , unweighed blessings that only a true GURU can give....

When we are sad,
And our feelings bad,
The one that elates,
From the heaven’s straight,
What relieves that gloomy state??
And rejuvenates our happiness great??
The blessings of our teacher true,
When he says- “God bless you”

In the rains of fears,
In the rivers of tears,
The one that brings us back,
And again lights our track,
What brightens those sad fates??
And opens our strength’s gates??
The colours of that pious hue,
When he says- “God bless you”

In our life so long,
And its challenges strong,
The one that brings belief,
The one that brings relief,
Are those blessings huge and wide,
From our mentor, from our guide,
Pure as a prayer, and the Almighty’s view,
Just that little- “God bless you”


Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The waters are always clear, the air is always pure, the earth is always brown, no mixtures, no suspensions, no ornaments of diplomacy, flaunting, or deceit. And undoubtedly, I think, our life runs on these- the air, the water, the earth- the only sources of our existence. So, the first lesson that comes today- for all of us- is to be SIMPLE. This word is not as simple as you think it could be, it’s much more complex. Simplicity is that stage when your inner complexes stop pricking you, when you are contended with yourself and when the soul lights up not only you, but the people around you as well. The simplicity that everyone wants to absorb, the simplicity that a mentor can exhibit for his disciples to follow, the simplicity that sir has!!
Small meetings have taught me big teachings. Like the one today- where my visions changed, yet again. I am just another university student, struggling for good percentiles with fears in mind that somewhere somebody is waiting to snatch my seat with a better rank. For all those who are like me, fearing the competition more than facing it, sir has to say- “You compete with yourself always. It’s just you and you. It is all about the visibility of that image”. The visibility of the image where you will be able to pacify, inspire, and push yourself towards the escalators of success, the visibility of an image where your only enemy in the worst competitions is you, and your best friend in the biggest success is you, the visibility of an image which is your true self, unaltered, untouched, just you !!
Visions always are the most precious thing in the world, because they shape personalities, they build futures, they make the person , a person. Sir, thanks for making our visions right!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Alright!! For this one, I am not going to ask you- for I know, everyone in the world knows the base is always the more important one. And if I say that more eloquently, The base is the base of that important structure that comes ahead, it falls, the structures fall, it remains , so do the structures, when it is strong, the buildings are strong, and when it’s weak, the buildings can shake!! So, you have full right to turn back with an angry face to ask me-- what’s new in that?? From the Hindi text books of class five to the architectural maps in under graduation, everyone knows that!!
So, now I lay down the difference, the one that I heard today, and as always, as any eager and happy listener, I was glad to have been a student of the person who said this- My Professor!! Says he-  “It is never about the base or the building- both are equally important, both are equally magnificent!! When earthquakes shake it all, both of them fight. One completes the other. The base is strong, the building is beautiful, the base is deep down the Earth, the building is up high in the sky, and success is as strong as it’s beautiful, as deep as it’s high”. Sometimes the base is not visible, but the building knows it stands on it; sometimes the building is not given the credits for being strong, but the base knows, it was made because the building was needed.
And that’s how it maps from buildings and bases to the philosophy of life. Sometimes, you are the base, sometimes the building, but all the time, you are an important part!! And that matters. So , the next time you go to the analysis part of testing whether you are the base or the building, remember this once. And then, the analysis would not be needed, the credits would not be given or taken, the blames would not have to be pointed out—and then, may be, you will know what a “team” means!!
Sir, teachers always teach us the best things in life, the ones that we carry ahead, some forgotten, and some broken but good memories of lifetime teachings. But your lessons are so important that we want to eliminate the “forgotten” or “broken” bits. We want to keep them alive, in words that you said them- untouched, complete, candid and splendid as they have always been...

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


All people in the world are eternally emotional when it comes to observing- observing the helpless, weeping, poor, downtrodden, heart-moving, eye-flashing sights of the world!! And when it comes to helping, to lending a hand, to wiping the tears , to sharing a thought, ironically, the same observant people move back- simply because they have many problems of their own, and what help can helping someone essentially lower in status than them do to them. And let’s accept it, we all, are in that category, if not apparent, then actually, inherently!!
This is about a short anecdote that I virtually saw, felt and assimilated today- and the credit goes to sir, proudly saying, our mentor! Morning 9:30, is the time when people in India leave for their offices, schools and colleges- finely dressed, perfumes in place, brilliant cars and showers of other things to flaunt. And then when they step out of their cars, if they see some sweeper sweeping the floor, they are likely to, and most of the times they do, get offended for that low person to have flown dust across their face. And in 99% cases I have heard people saying-“Could you not have done this earlier?”(Frowning)
And now maintaining the fact that Sir is different, here’s it. Morning 9:30, yes the same time that defined the story above, sir was in his office. Seeing the sweeper turn in, when I was expecting the normal Indian answer, sir smiled and said- “Yes, yes come in! Should I go out? And you must also have some cold drink; it is very hot these days’ and more than that- The same Smile!! Small incidence, Big lessons. I know, it is just a part of his good behaviour may be, but for me – it’s a lifetime thing to learn – to learn that sometimes the biggest impressions are created when you are close to people , not when you tend to be away, sometimes the biggest satisfactions are earned when you bend a little, not always when you walk upright, sometimes you earn respect when you smile, more than when you want to earn it when you frown, sometimes the biggest values are imbibed when you help those who are the less helped , not always by extending dinners at Hyatt, sometimes the heights are more high, when you stay connected to the bottom, sometimes the highest zeniths can be touched, when you drop a little rope to help those who lie at the Nadirs, may be then – the flight would be different, the colours of sky will be different- that’s what sir has taught me!
I do not know how to thank a person for making me imbibe the biggest value- the value of helping, the value of smiling, the value of being a person, but whatever words can be framed for that “THANKS”, I wish to use for sir!! Thank-you sir, for that constant teaching where you taught your followers to be humans.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Well, the readers of this blog have asked me often, how can it be true about an Engineering college's professor, that too a DSP and Image processing Professor. How can a person be so perfect when it comes to the Human Domain, as he is in the Signals Domain ? So for all readers and friends, I have no answer. I am myself surprised all the times and elated at others when he talks flawlessly about Life , with an Image Processing book in one hand, and strict professional technical papers in the other. All I can say is- We are blessed to have such a person. Having him as our mentor, has been one of the most biggest blessings, we ever had, because everything in life is easy except finding a right direction. And he helps everyone with that, even his foes , I suppose. So here's another rhyme, from his students, to him- for all his followers- the most special teacher...

Some philosophies win your heart,
Some will win your soul,
Some thoughts will touch your mind,
Some will colour your personality, whole.

Some people will show you your paths,
The special ones will make you walk through them,
Some will brush the leaves of your tree,
The special ones will strengthen the stem.

Some people will be present when you need them long,
The special ones will stay with you, on your journeys along,
Some people will come to you, when for help you will call,
The special ones won’t need to be called; they will take your worries all,

Some people whom we meet on the roads of life wide,
Some people, special, in whom we all confide,
Some people whom we call – TEACHERS
Some people whom we call PREACHERS.

All we have to say today, for our teacher is short,
The lines that come ahead, that’s the only thought.

We wish every teacher was just like you,
And every one in the world, had a mentor true,
People come and people go,
Special ones like you are rare, though,
For your convictions strong, our heads we do bow,
“The value of life” ,for making us know!!!

We promise....

Not everyone is blessed with the most favourite people of God, those people who infuse in us a spirit of kindness, innovation, energy, faith and truthfulness, but we indeed are luckier than the most people to have been blessed with Him, yes i'll not use him, i'll say Him, because that's what the truth is! And today, when He said " It's not the failure of the student, it's the failure of the teacher." He further said, it's not the system that's incapiciated, it's the person who has made it so.I realised, everytime i think, i know the vastness of my mentor's ocean of enlightment, of selflessness, i come to know, i had just counted those shells lying there and thought that was the end of His soul's beauty, but it's actually unfathomable. And today, we promise you, sir we won't ever let you down, we won't ever let you fail and all we need is your blessings, your guidance that has helped us tread through the toughest of tasks and has enlightened our souls!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Well, seven hours ago I was a representative of the 'FRUSTRATED MANY' that form India today . Now I am a representative of the 'SATISFIED FEW' who might form India someday. And the credit goes to a person whom I will call belonging to a category of people who are -so positive that negativity will fail before them, so optimistic that pessimism will bend down, so stable that instability will surrender, so ethical that immorality will fail!! A person , by now, I think you all know!
Sir says- India just needs the best people at the top. And if you being a worthy candidate for that post back off just because others are weird, it is you who loose. To flee, is to loose, to leave is to loose, to surrender is to loose, and I am sure people in India will play on their lives, but they do not like to loose.
The moment you leave the battle ground, for whatever reason, the battle is lost and the enemy wins. The enemy, which for India can be imagined as a big monster, with the face of corruption, the black robes of immorality, the hands of self made prisons and a mouth which always keeps praying , requesting for protection, but it is "WE" who fail to hear!! So this one's from sir , not just to his followers, but to all Indians , who are doubtful if they want to change India! Sometimes, you need to leave back cribbing and come to the battleground, and that's what Sir has taught us to be- Fighters , the reformers, not rebels!
And to end this one- let me end it at a simply gracious thing I heard today from sir- Things which you do with your heart's support are things that make you win biggest races of this small life, easily, effectively, efficiently and happily... And the last one's the best one...
And for sir, please forgive me sir, but you have so much to teach your students ,that now  my big bag of thanks has started ending up, so let me search out for some other synonyms to express my infinite gratitude...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Let us keep it simple- This one's for our FAVOURITE TEACHER.....

This one's for you sir....

I know there are millions all over the world,
Who for their students, have new worlds, unfurled...
I know there are billions all over the world,
Who pray their teachers, with their ways superb,

Still in an attempt, to pray this person wise,
A person who has been like God, in Guru’s disguise,
Here I go ahead, on my little efforts to praise,
For his personality can not be thanked, in these small less ways,

In comparisons I have found, he is different than the different,
Enlightenment and Achievement, his teachings have always meant.
That simple saying, the little short thought,
For us, the one, “life” who has taught..

Yes, he values truth more than fame,
Yes he loves faith more than name,
Yes, he likes to be loyal; he likes to be sincere,
Yes for all his students, he is the panacea for every tear,

I had heard of Krishna, I know he was a God great,
And always I had wished, that a mentor like him, would be in my fate,
So, this is not for sir, this is for the God there in the heaven,
For giving us a “TEACHER” who is more precious than the World’s wonders seven.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Soliloquy is something that you say to yourself, a part of your soul, that only you know. And when that part is defined for a GURU, it means a part of his infinite knowledge, which if understood will take you far more ahead of worldly mortal worries and wonders. Well, since I am a part of a worldly fanatics who call themselves- The ”To be engineers”, let me put it the engineering way,  a Guru's teaching is like the satellite, a big repeater in the sky, it keeps on relaying information , keeps on sending beaming echoes, that we all need for survival, but the gist of the long concept is you need to make your soul's receiver so strong, that you receive them, amplify them, and adhere to them with zero attenuation, forever . So here's putting a part of the same relayed knowledge to everyone who needs to know- The person who is the reason for this Blog to be made- My Guru, Prof. Akash Tayal.
This is what Krishna said to Arjuna, and sir told us to read, actually assimilate! No, I am not acknowledging myself to be Arjuna, but the other comparison holds. Yes, it does. Without doubt.For all times in life, when you need to decide-  between Dharma- and Adharma, this might help, will help...
''शरासन तान, बस अवसर यही है ,
घड़ी फ़िर और मिलने की नहीं है .
विशिख कोई गले के पार कर दे ,
अभी ही शत्रु का संहार कर दे .''

श्रवण कर विश्वगुरु की देशना यह ,
विजय के हेतु आतुर एषणा यह ,
सहम उट्ठा जरा कुछ पार्थ का मन ,
विनय में ही, मगर, बोला अकिञ्चन .

''नरोचित, किन्तु, क्या यह कर्म होगा ?
मलिन इससे नहीं क्या धर्म होगा ?''
हंसे केशव, ''वृथा हठ ठानता है .
अभी तू धर्म को क्या जानता है ?''

''कहूं जो, पाल उसको, धर्म है यह .
हनन कर शत्रु का, सत्कर्म है यह .
क्रिया को छोड़ चिन्तन में फंसेगा ,
उलट कर काल तुझको ही ग्रसेगा .''

भला क्यों पार्थ कालाहार होता ?
वृथा क्यों चिन्तना का भार ढोता ?

And as  an end addressal, sir, we are blessed to be a part of that world which has less, but precious people like you!!

Friday, May 7, 2010


There are fewer chances in life where we learn from our mistakes, for most of the times, due to our inherent intrinsic egos we fail to accept and admit that we were at fault. I am a bit reluctant to say this, but for the first time in my life, I have learnt from a sense of guilt, a feeling of regret!
It is said, if you are blessed by the immortal powers up in the heaven, God will help you and bless you even when you do things that might be completely wrong. And the same nectar of truth, learning and bliss I will put up today. To the readers of this blog, this one’s not just for thanking my Mentor, but this time, for telling him and people like him, that it is you and your words that have kept God’s sermons alive. And thanks is a little less heavy word for that, so I am not using it!
This one’s a life time lesson, the one that can change destinies, change nations, change fortunes of  millions of people and places...Sir says- Wherever you go in life, do not look for projections. Because everyone in the world is not like you, can not be like you, should not be like you. Everyone has his or her own set of perceptions! So do not always look for systems that are like you ! Sometimes parallelism has be to sacrificed because the world is vivid- thoughts , ideas, ideals, can never be similar for two people! That’s how God made us.
He says- If you are in the list of people, who feel that you did not join politics because it is for bad people, you are wrong. Before saying, that the system is bad, look for it! You have to be in the system, to change the system. A silent spectator never helps. And that’s what we in India are!  We look, see, observe, and then back off. We never put our hands inside the bin to clear it, and that’s where we fail.
SO why this post is special, is because , it is not a lesson from my teacher to me, it is because it is a word that needs to travel long, from the north to the south, across the east and over the west. And for the person who gave this precious word to me, I have just a single promise to make, that come what may, from now on, your students , sir, would never back off. We can change the systems or not, that’s destined, but we will try, for sure...

Friday, April 23, 2010

LOOKING AROUND- From all Your Followers

Looking around in the world so wide,
It is hard to find someone as your guide,
A guide who takes you far beyond strife,
And tells you the motives and meanings of life,
A mentor who brings shadows of happiness ,like a tree,
And makes you, your thoughts and your contemplations free,
A preacher who dives you through the waters of knowledge bright,
And enlightens your soul with the truth of his eternal light,
A teacher who teaches you not just books and lectures long,
But tells you the difference between right and the things wrong,

Looking around in the world so wide,
It was hard for me, to find someone as my guide,
An Engineering student, that I always had been,
Those endless desires and aims to win,
Perturbed minds and disturbed goals,
Life was good, but with many loopholes,
Less I fall, when of words I think,
To express my gratitude to this blog’s link,
To express my thanks to the person I pray,
For clearing my doubts, and directing my way,

Looking around in the world so wide,
Now things seem easy, for I have found my guide,
The principles of faith and truth that I imbibed,
The ways of sincerity, and those all positive vibes!
That infinite knowledge and ethics strong,
Those blessings endless, and those values along,
I know the paths are difficult and there are miles to walk,
But with my Mentor’s sermons, I have a key for each lock,

Looking around in the world so wide,
All I need to say- is “THANKS ” to my guide....


I always read "Guru-shishya parampara" in my school hindi book, right from Dronacharya taking as a tribute Eklavya's thumb so as to ensure that Arjuna was the world's best archer, as promised by his guru to the great contribution of Chanakya in the making of Chandragupta. And, not many people are fortunate enough to experience the purity, the sanctity and the beauty of a spiritual relation built upon the genuineness of the guru, and the respect, commitment, devotion and obedience of the student, is the best way for subtle or advanced knowledge to be conveyed! And our mentor, our sir, one fine afternoon, says "Aristotle and Alexander were both together because Alexander knew he wanted to Alexander the great and Aristotle knew he wanted to be Aristotle. Both are equally important. It's a two-way symbiosis relation." Sir, we thank you for making us understand such a spiritual relation. It's only because of you : what we know , what we are and what we aim for! Indeed, though a professor might not be powerful enough to give vision, but a mentor is or we would say, our mentor is. Thank you sir, thank you for mentoring us, thank you for guiding us not just through the principles of technology, but through the principles of life.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


When you are a student, you are tagged with some properties! And one of them is weeping, over bad marks, over lost toys or like! But when you are in an Engineering college, you have better reasons to weep, for uncared feelings, for professional diplomacies, for hurt emotions, for the inherent nature of a pessimistic demotivation that you would keep getting from your peers continuously at the rate consistently higher than you would have ever imagined. And such situations break people!
And that’s where we have been a lot of times, standing right in middle of the goals, undecided and perturbed, each time dragging ourselves out of such situations. But for the first time I think, we have been able to pull out ourselves wonderfully, without effort confronting the same scenario, all thanks to sir. Mentors and professors have a big difference. Professors teach, Mentors preach, the former teach Technology of Instruments, the latter preach Science of life. And I am grateful to have found a Mentor.
 Sir says, weeping never helps, because it shows the incapacitated weakness inside you. And people out there, would not care for your emotions, won’t make an effort to see your deep  reasons for those tears, they would just not care. So the Principle is- never in life, weep, because that makes the weaker people suspect your energy. Keeping the honour of that Strength inside us, tears are just a defeat if you weep when surrounded by troubles!
I know, it is a little odd to scribble the same text again at the end of each blog-post thanking sir for the person he has been, but truly we, his students, are helpless at that. Because there are some people in the world, to thank whom you will fall short of adjectives, so for sir, all that we implicitly and explicitly can say is –Thanks for guiding us, sir,  and giving us that never-dying strength, not just for today, but forever.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Right from the day we're born or i should rather say, the day we are conscious enough to the last breath we keep realising God almighty's grace and power. Well, mentor is no different i realised. Everyday you realise that he much more powerful and kind than you thought. That person addressed with the six lettered word - MENTOR, he not just guides my mind for my academics, he steers my soul so that i never deviate from my path of truthfulness. He not just directs me through the tough roads, he himself holds my hand and escorts me all the way. he not just says "God bless you" after you wish him a good morning, he makes sure that he teaches you how to tackle those fiercer storms of this new morning while protecting you when you're being taught. He not only realises when i smile, he can see those tiny tears that i might try suppressing unsuccessfully though. When tells me to relax and not to worry, he has actually makes sure that all my problems are his, that all my concerns are dear to him and that he would not let my fears come true, and i like a child does to his father, simply nod, forgetting my tears, and smiling walk again without realising that problems haven't vanished, it's just that my mentor has taken them from me.


The readers of this blog can probably sue me for this, for I am not conforming to the title of this blog in this post- because what I mention today is not something that Akash sir expilicitly says, but something that his blessings implicitly mean.
A professor, if you analyze that word a bit deeply, means a person who teaches you everything, right from life's biggest lessons to life's smallest lessons, a person who understands the depth of your knowledge right through the single glimpse of your behavior, a person to whom you go destabilized, and he makes you calm down, and stabilizes you to proportions hard to break, a person to whom you do not have to say your worries, he will extract them out of you, solve them and then send you back happy , a person whose blessings will make you feel you are the most precious person in the world, a person who is... simply the person he is, no explanations needed, no definitions required!And that's exactly- Akash sir!
Well, now coming to the title straight, sometimes when you are lost in your daily melodramas, it is only a Mentor's power that can bring you to the right paths! Before a few couple of years, we also were the same people, longing to be Engineers, fighting in JEE, but today, just because, and that "just" is important, because of our Mentor ,we are changed! Now, things like ethics are more important than profession, things like truth are precious than marks, things like devotion are dearer than competition, just because of the person, this blog is all about!
And in this post, I have a little something to discuss at the end, just as the part of a special honor that Professors like sir shower sometimes, creating happiness and bliss all around.Simple question, straight answer- What does a Professor's pen , his gift to his students mean to them- I am sure this is one of the most unanswered questions ever, and that's why I will attempt to derive out its answer- For a student, a professor's pen- is his blessings, that's a simple word. And decrypting it, it is his belief on you that you should never break, his expectations from you which you ought to come up to, his faith that he thinks you are worthy of, his millions of wishes which will save you from the biggest adversities of life and simply his infinite prayers for you, the prayers not everyone is lucky to have!! And for sir, we promise you, we will keep the honor of your blessings, today and forever, without fail, above everything that this world calls- Priority.. Because some people, some blessings are above Priorities...That's perhaps an unsaid language of a Professor, for every student of the world to understand and for Akash sir, I will remove the "perhaps"...

Monday, April 12, 2010


Heard of this statement?? You all must have!! Simple three words concatenated to form a partially comprehend able  statement, because ignorance is just ignoring! Well, sir says- Ignorance indeed is useful, and why- significant but clear- because it helps you give an opportunity to others to realize that they are going wrong. May be because somewhere , somehow, there is a hope of improvement which is hidden more in ignorance than scoldings.Well, in India, good philosophies often crash, but this one's going to stay, I know! We are people who are representatives of engineering colleges, we the future engineers, looking forward to establish great mobile technologies and better processors with our vast knowledge of gigantically vast subjects. But in this race, where we have been moving ahead, without measuring the miles, without looking for directions, we have forgotten about that little processor in there, it is called Brain ,which sir says should be free of malice and is more important than your duo core, and that little antenna right forth, it is called soul, catches all signals , which sir says must be truthful.
He says- "Spread as much knowledge as you can, but do not try to enlighten people, because enlightenment is something that comes by itself, it can not be taught, it can not be given, it is something that is intrinsic, yours and only yours " .
As for Professors like sir, I can perhaps say with confidence, without doubt, it is true that people can not bring enlightenment, but Mentors can ! If.....a follower is a true follower...

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Some people in the world will teach you what truth and its significance is! Some will prove it! And sir is the second one. Right from class nursery till the end of our lives, we find teachers almost all of them, guiding us towards the right truthful ways. But I can not recollect, even a single instance, where I could find evidence. But this time, my Mentor has proved it to the world that if truth prevails, appreciations follow, he himself being the biggest mirror reflecting that philosophy, standing different, in the crowd -yet away, in lies -yet truthful, in the mud of our bad society -still living proudly with what he calls - five simple alphabets, joined together- 'TRUTH'. And he , defining the honor of those words, wonderfully. All that I can say is short but rich- In an attempt to express the gratitude, that we, all his students have in our hearts --Sir keep guiding us, today and forever, because we are sure, True Mentors are not easy to find!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I live in India! And Ganges is something we worship, we respect, we love. But to be sincere and true, I never thought Ganges could teach as well. Yesterday, talking about hurdles, as always, in an ever defined dignity, with the same reassuring smile, sir told us- "Life is just like the Ganges, everything keeps on flowing! In that dynamic unblocked , ever flashing flow, the heavy stones are always left behind, only those flow who have the power and strengths for the same dynamism". And that's quite true, in life as well, the life's flow just suppports the moving, working and the fittest individuals. It's just that beautiful analogy between our revered Ganges' flow and what Darwin defined as 'Survival of the Fittest'.
Says sir, placing hurdles in someone's path is the easiest what people can do to stop you, but that inner devotion and your belief in your work, will make those stones, those hurdles transparent and you will easily pass towards success.
This I would name as 'THE PRINCIPLE OF GANGETIC SEDIMENTATION', like the Ganges, even life will sediment, it will keep people who are free and light of mind, without their heavy conspiracies and diplomacies, and the ones playing strategies and games to increase their payoffs, and reduce others' , will be left behind.
As for sir, I will perhaps put it this way, in an Engineering college where Professors are busy in analog circuits, voltmeters, op-amps, DACs and what not, it is Strange and equally Elating, to find a person like him! He has what others lack, just those three small things, 'VISION' , 'OBSERVATION' and 'OPTIMISM', without which humans can never become humane.


Over the last two years, under the guidance of my mentor i've realised that he has his own commandments :
1. You shall always be honest and truthful.
2. You shall not cheat or deceive anyone.
3. You shall be responsible and punctual irrespective of where you're.
4. You shall not let any system transform your good intrinsic values into bad ones.
5. You shall help everyone selflessly.
6. You shall not get worried or change yourself to gain the validation of those who have not the rightful honour to be your judge.
7. You shall believe in giving and not keeping your knowledge to yourself, for this shall only enlighten you.
8. You shall believe and understand that faith is between you and you only. Faith with an external entity is irrational.
9. You shall make sure you follow the path of truthfulness and remain free from strategies.
10. You shall always remain modest, however big your acheivements may be.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Seeing a person and judging is not a gigantically difficult task! In fact, it is easy! It is as easy as feeling warm with the heat of a lighted fire! But when it comes to defining yourself, it is tough! It is as tough as lighting fire, in a manner that attempts to extinguish it will fail.
I am attempting the first part, I am defining someone whom I take as – ‘A Person of Ethics, Values, Wisdom and Truth’, a person the readers of this blog know as Prof. Akash Tayal! And he is the second part, he sometimes, speaks things that define him, definitely in a way that it can never be forgotten, it can never be extinguished!!
He says- A teacher’s job is to give! Give infinitely to his students without discriminations! To pour down the showers of infinite knowledge, is the first duty of any professor! And that I think needs to be assimilated by many professors who are not teachers in true sense as yet. Being a true teacher is all about having that core magnetism, that attracts your followers to be with you for a lifetime, and sir has it, no doubts!!
Today, sir told us the gist of something in India, that we know as Geeta, and that is- “Do your work, DO not wait for results, and if ever in life, you were baffled of a decision, look back to the Lord, and go into his refuge. Because God is the ultimate support, a place where all worries come to an end, so leave everything to the Lord”. Thanks for that lifetime lesson sir, all we have to say is- we have not seen the Lord, but we have heard of incarnations! So we are leaving everything unto our Mentor, that’s you!!


It is said that when you come to know people, then starts a process of growing, growing towards a knowledge which keeps on widening with time! And so has been this process of knowing My Mentor! Each time I go to him with a broken hope, I come back alive with the encouraged hope of success , full of life! And that’s what I will correctly call- ‘A Mentor’s Magic of Transforming your soul to the zenith of optimism’
He says- ‘Sincerity’ and ‘Truth ’ are two things that will make you a winner, nothing else has ever counted and will ever count! Those two things tell you how to live with a free mind and a positively motivated strategy. And that can make you a successful person, a person who will have no regrets with life, a person as happy, contended and lively as he himself is! A person that all of us want to be..
Talking about the process of rejections sir told us- ‘Rejection is something that defines more of itself at  an intrapersonal level, it’s how you see yourself, it is how you weigh yourself, it is how you place yourself ’! It is a state where you know that you can not work, a state where you know you are not at peace with your own self, a place where you would have taken the first step towards failure! And a state where I know, his true disciples can never fall into! Because the brightness of a mentor’s notion lights up the paths of his thousand students, and sir’s notion’s light is so enlightened, that without doubt, I can claim that his students, his true students will never face darkness ever, and if they ever do, they would just need to see back once, and the paths will get lighted themselves!!
Sir also says- “Rejections are a step towards Acceptance, a step towards a new morning, a step towards a new beginning”! I must say- I am grateful that I am sir’s student , and thus, I know the value of that cycle! Beginnings and Rejections they follow!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

G for 'GURU', G for 'GOD'

Well, two beautiful words on the earth, Guru and God are not just alphabetically related but eternally interwined. And our guru, our mentor Akash sir, is truly our link with God almighty. God Almighty must have been really happy when He blessed us with Him as your mentor. And truly, as sir says it's guru who tells you the path of life, the path of happiness, the path of truthfulness that you can tread cheerfully in your Guru's presence. For a minute(though that's not correct either) one might say that anyone might still teach you the charging and discharging equations of capacitors, the ladder networks of finite or infinite response filters or may be hilbert differentiator but it really is impossible for anyone to teach you the charging and discharging equations of life, the ladder of faith and truth that you must take to climb the wall of self-satisfaction and the differentiator, that helps you differentiate between good and bad, right and wrong, ethical and unethical! And He really teaches us some beautiful lessons of life through His everyday thoughts and words.


Matlab is a wonderful language , and Akash sir is one person the MatLab developers should thank! For, he is one person who told us what Matlab is, how it works, and how we can simulate exactly everyhting in the Cosmos with it! In the same lab, we all were , as typical Engineers plotting the FIR Responses, some curved, some straight, some cut and some linear! That's how we see graphs, we analyze and we work out!!

But when it comes to vision, a mentor's vision is far wider than yours. Little things, that we slip and slide, appear worthy and full of wisdom when he elaborates them with meanings so intricately well knitted in what I call- "A Mentor's Personality Perfect". So, let me put to text, a beautiful idea that he stated today- 'S'- we all know that alphabet, yes, the same one that stands for 'Self-respect', 'Sincerity','Serenity' and 'Stability' , he put a new perspective to it! Says sir- S is a graph of endings and beginnings, when you start making it , its deft and clear, when you move towards the top , the dimensions and the prosperity of that curve increases, but when you reach the maxima, there comes a tipping from which you may come down the curve!! Then the next thing is- what to do when that tipping comes! So sir has to say- 'Move on, that's the start of a new beginning, the start of a new S, the start of the same S that stands for - Sunrise, the same S that stands for Success, a never ending way to an ever defined destination, that people like sir call faith and self-belief!!

In India, systems keep changing! On that sir has his own stand- In his words- 'System is a donkey, so try making better donkeys' Well, sir all that your students have to say about this is- We agree that systems are donkeys, but some donkeys , some systems are so dear and near, that we wish the horses were few and such system donkeys more, just because of that unbreakable faith that you hold on a segment of the system that can make the donkey a horse!!The segment, that we are sure, you are!!

Monday, March 22, 2010


Well, undoubtedly to say, not at all times will you find a person who can teach you signals, digital signal processing, image processing incredibly nice and wonderfully and can also tell you simply and clearly, what life is all about, in a way that you would be forced to think, Yes... sir is right!! Believe me , it's true.
Questioning him about the ethics of my institution, there I was with a hurt heart! And he just said- "Ethics are something that come by themselves, and that's why everyone is not Arjuna, everyone is not Eklavya", And that's as true as truth itself. But, yes, I have a different notion to give- Sometimes, Arjuna might be looking for Krishna, and not finding Krishna, may be he fails to know he's Arjuna! An equivalent analogy is that when professors make you believe their convictions, you are encouraged to become one Arjuna, because your Teacher's aura is strong enough to make you an Arjuna.... And for sir, I think needless to say, he must have made many Arjunas and Eklavya's..... for his ideas are robust enough to support themselves right through your souls...

Says sir, with his abundant knowledge in Game Theory, that life would be nothing if you reach that Punctuated Equilibrium, as then everything turns out to be stale, stagnant, and life is not about stopping, it is about moving, moving forever, dyanamically about a new direction, a new way, a new morning...
As in his words- Never get perturbed by someone if he is not ethical, because at the end it's just you!! Work , work with full efforts but do not wait for appreciations , that craving for appreciation of your work, might be fatal for your true work.
And then to us, his students, sir always says- " Enjoy life! Because once you are going to face the real life- The pressures are going to be so heavy that they will either make you or break you". So, as a gist , I must say- It is true that mentors matter, more than that, it's their guidance, some words that they might say, walking casually in some college courtyard, but words that you will look back to, when somewhere in life, you will be stuck. And then looking haphazardly around , you will remember- Ah! Akash sir said- Move on and forget worries, and there you will be - happy again!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


A mentor is someone who knows you as much your parents know and understand you....You think you can fool your parents? Well....parents know everything about you......everytime you lie.......everytime you hide things, it's just that they allow themselves to be a hope that some day you'll understand.....And our mentor, Professor Akash Tayal is just the same.........One might think that wishing him good morning or good evening with a wide smile.....makes him think that you really respect him....'s his faith in himself, his beliefs and ethics that tells him to say you "God bless you!" even if you really didn't mean to wish him from your heart.......He's one person who can peep into your soul, who can see through your eyes and hear through your words(however false they may be), the picture of your heart..........And the best part is, even after knowing you well.......he'll trust you, he'll have faith on you and he'll be there to help you whenever you want....just like your father cherishes faith in you....even if you're not an ideal child....

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


A mentor is the one who makes you believe that ever in life, whichever way you go, he will assure you never take the wrong way. The day you go wrong, the day he will be there to show you the right path, with a lamp of ever lighted knowledge and enlightenment. And without doubt, I have to say- Our Mentor is this description’s synonym.
Prof. Akash Tayal, the person I would correctly call- Everyone’s delight!! And why?? Simple reasons- He is true, and he is different! Sitting today in the class like an ordinary student, I have learned something extraordinary. He says: “It is not about the faith between you and me because I am an external force, so that faith between me and you is irrational. And if you ever wanted to know the rationality of an immortal faith, it is the faith between YOU and YOU”. The biggest examination in life is the one where you are face to face with yourself, diplomacies and manipulations surrounding you, contemplations encountering you, confrontations disturbing you and your decision of leaving them all behind, and being just what you ever have been, without change. That resistance to change and conductance to faith is what makes a person what he is!!
Strangely enough, to this fact that we heard in the morning, we had enough evidence by evening. Sir is some person who will give you liberty to do anything, but with a small expectation that you are true and faithful. And precisely if I express in 2 words- “IT HURTS”, it hurts to see if such a person is deceived. But in his philosophy, he simply says- “Let the world be! Just try, not to change! Better the people, better the world” And he, graciously being the better part of the world! He says- Your ethics show your values! Deceiving someone for a mark or two will never lead you anywhere in life; all that it would give you is an inner dissatisfaction when you would come at introspection. It is all about the range of your vision, some would see 30 degrees- They will break faiths, gain marks. And the other will see round the life, 360 degrees, may loose marks, but keep the lights of faiths lit well. And the later will always win; the former would probably not loose but never win!!
As a word of thanks to our mentor, all we have to say is- Sir, probably in a wrong environment, we could have thought to go wrong! But the conviction that you hold, the truth that you hold, that aura which lies around a mentor as true as you, will never let us go wrong, because the freedom of faith is much above the chains of lies!

Friday, March 12, 2010


Since it is about an Engineering college’s professor, I must include some characteristics of species called Engineers. This species has special characteristics- “We do not know what is respect, faith or loyality, we just know PROFESSION, because we are Professionalists”. True?? Well, yes, it was true!
But as sir says, the fusion of truth and loyalty will make you someone you will be able to respect. And truthfully saying, I believed it always, but I evidenced it today. Well, bunking classes is a phenomenon we do, normally and frequently without hitch or even the slightest of embarrassment. But for our DSP class, we somehow, all of us, feel responsible, and guilty to have left it in middle, what to talk of bunking! An idea can win your mind, but it takes years for it to win your heart sometimes. To accept some principle is as hard as moving a mountain. But for a true teacher, to cause a change is as easy as – lighting a spark. And sir is one of those people, who does not only light sparks, he makes you believe and evidence that the spark is right, candid , clear and complete to cause a transformation.
So all I have to express is- It is often not about the way you behave to a situation, it is more about the way you feel for a situation! And sir made us realize this!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


There is a big difference between 99 and 100. And the truth of this statement is as true as God is! To be accepted by some, is an incomplete success. To be accepted and respected by all , is success of one’s living. And sir is the latter one. You will find many people in life, some you will like to see, some you will like to talk to, some you will like, but rare are the ones you will want to follow.
This is about a few simple things, I have learnt today from sir. First – the truth of being what you are! Professor perfect, as we call him, he works most, that too truly, and still I have always found him simple. No arrogance, no presumptuousness, no artificiality, no diplomacy. And that’s a lesson for us all. To be at the topmost rank, does not matter much as does the honour of remaining attached to your position, remaining close to your people. The success defines more with what you gain in life as a person. That’s to remember, go as high as you can, but to remember who you are, that’s what I have learnt from him. He always tells us- There are some things that you will remember when you will be sixty years old. So, sir, this is what we are going to remember forever.
Not always will you see the most worthy and the most respected Professor of some college, attached to not one, but all his students in an indefinable way. It requires an inner enlightenment to do that! An Enlightenment, whose light, lights us all!
As they say, live in a way that if someone else follows your footsteps, the person will not repent. And sir’s definitely, the one whose footsteps we want to follow, without doubt, without regret.

Friday, March 5, 2010


It's all about the way you accept yourself!! You think your are a winner, you are! You think you are happy, you will be!! This is what I have learnt from sir.
Ever in life, if you get a chance to come to our college, you can recognize him right there. A composed person, listening to everyone, solving everyone's problems, responding to his students nicely, and above all accepting himself to be happy even inspite of everything that goes around.... That's him!!
Well, when you start learning from a mentor, it's infinite! You can never find ends to what limits you can learn. This large blogger space is less, for sure! Still, even bits of his sayings are worthy to be read, so I thought I will put it down for you all to read! He does not believe in carrot and stick, and why should he? He does not need to! For all his students, are by themselves devoted. They don't need carrots, his tecahing is much bigger than that to us! He gives us a single reason for that- "If one to one interaction can not help you adhere to my principles, I doubt if any other electronic or social system can ever!" ... We are glad to have you there sir, for all of us, always!!

God should be untouchable.......

Well He says.... that God, your mentor, your guide should be untouchable......And He doesn't know but in this regard we're luckier than He thinks........ This is perhaps His only belief that we kind of agree with only partially because exceptions are always there and we are a part of this one..... God sometimes blissfully blesses His children by manifesting Himself in the form of their mentor...... And we're blessed...... :-)


Had a nice lecture today--- one and a half hour!! DSP- Digital Signal Processing is what we call this subject and our most revered lecturers Prof.Akash Tayal teaches us that!! And today, it was again DSP, with an half an hour extra class!
Though some of my class mates were utterly blank, for me this one and half hour lecture has been the best lecture in DSP, because it has taught me the DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING OF MY LIFE….. As my heart’s sincere thanks to sir, let me join the pieces of the beautifully carved picture that I have assembled and assimilated today, 29 January, 2010.
Truthfulness, he says, is the best asset of any human being for it gives you freedom, the freedom to live life the way it is, beautifully, calmly and comprehensively. Truthfulness makes you a true human being, where you are not just some bizarre person thinking about your next move, where you are a part of the cosmos- the part of the Almighty. Truthfulness relinquishes you from the strategies and challenges, the malicious moves of your game, that you are playing – unintentionally, without direction, perhaps even with yourself unknowingly.
He very rightly says that there is a gigantic difference between survival and living. Survival is that race which we are all participating in, the paths unknown, the destination unclear. A race in which we all are selfish, without emotions, without concerns. And the true human being inside us is hidden behind that veil which any of us is inefficient in uncovering. And living is that state of mind, where you do not have wishes, whims and competitions, where we just have satisfactions, freedoms and infinite happiness and bliss.
Well, needless to say, he is great Mathematician. More than that a great lecturer when it comes to explaining signals, systems and images. So now, explaining life in his mathematical words, he says, life is a function f (Perseverance, Persistence, Vision and Action Plan) = YOUR REAL SUCCESS!!True, every moment in your life, be that the biggest decision involving your families, careers, success, friends or anything, it is simply the function of perseverance and persistence, because that defines the real you!! Hidden but true….
“Straight trees are cut first”, very rightly he says…. I agree to this fully, the more sincere you are, the more the society will crush you! The more honest you become, the more harshly you will be treated, the more you follow “Geeta”, the more you become a fool for them. But the true colors of personality can never be painted false. Charms can strike the sight, but it is merit which wins the soul. And the true merit of any human being, he says, is his ethics, his feelings, his devotion and dedication. And the biggest evidence to that is him himself being one of those straight trees, standing upright, clear, truthfully at his place, different from the crowd!!
He advised us to open our minds and try to see the better side of things. Definitely I was even one amongst those people, who if rejected in an entrance, would have probably some time thought, it was because things were screwed up!! Thanks to him for changing my opinions! Says he, even if 70 % things were goofed up, why not observe the rest 30% which were ours. Why do we always blame others for what we are not? Let’s do it ourselves, so that when we turn back after 30 years from now, we are proud that we took the path less travelled by, perhaps not successful, perhaps not rich, but contended and satisfied, calm and composed, truthful, devoted, and happy.
Rightly did he ask how many of us dream to get a Padam Shree? Possibly none!! Because our vistas, our inner constraints and the walls of that self made prison, made of our materialistic whims and never ending desires, do not allow us to think even. What to talk of dreaming?? Hard work and devotion are the keys which can open any door, be the gate locked with a thousand locks…
The gist of this lecture is probably that life is a multiplication of two matrices, called ethics and hardwork. If you want to get a result out of your life, make the columns of first equal to the rows of second, and then every FFT and DFT of your life will be successful, howsoever hard God may analyse !!


Without mention, engineering students are mad about their projects. They want to be at the top, beating everyone else down. They want to publish papers, too many. They think their life is an ideal impulse; everything should have success, magnitude infinity but duration to achieve that delta, tending to zero!! And I was the same person, just a few hours ago!

People transform, but for someone to cause a metamorphosis in your thinking, it requires the truth of conviction, the light of a notion which can bring about changes, permanent changes!!

As far as I have known professors, they have been just professors! But now I think, I have found a mentor. Professor Akash Tayal, one person I think the whole college respects, so I am no exception. Projects, he says are not just platforms where from you learn, they are those steps from where you will learn to climb the steps of the real success. We all keep running to him, sir we have done this and that. And always with a smile he says, well, what next? He tells us that the real happiness of life is in the dynamism it has, so keep on working. He is the person who told us, what an impulse function is, but I think, he implements it a bit differently. He likes to keep the impulse moving, shifting it throughout, uptil infinity, sieving the values that it requires to make a good signal in the signal-domain, and a good person in the human-domain! Because- everything in life is made of shifted deltas, the values have to be accumulated one by one, each one is precious! He explains to his students in an unmatched way that publishing papers will never help you, know the things, understand them, and then everything else is little play!

He says, always to work rightly and successfully in life, you will require three things- Energy, Enthusiasm and Direction. Unguided enthusiasm will not lead you anywhere. Its just like the ray of light, travelling haphazardly through space will never help you, but when provided a core and a cladding, it will help you communicate! So, whenever you have an idea in life, to do the smallest or the biggest things, first look for a direction! Once you know where to go, the way is not difficult ahead.

And on an ending note, let me put it straight in his words. Life always gives a choice; just learn to know the right way for yourself. The direction you choose will never make you sad and unhappy. So, go forward, work on what you want to!