Monday, April 12, 2010


Heard of this statement?? You all must have!! Simple three words concatenated to form a partially comprehend able  statement, because ignorance is just ignoring! Well, sir says- Ignorance indeed is useful, and why- significant but clear- because it helps you give an opportunity to others to realize that they are going wrong. May be because somewhere , somehow, there is a hope of improvement which is hidden more in ignorance than scoldings.Well, in India, good philosophies often crash, but this one's going to stay, I know! We are people who are representatives of engineering colleges, we the future engineers, looking forward to establish great mobile technologies and better processors with our vast knowledge of gigantically vast subjects. But in this race, where we have been moving ahead, without measuring the miles, without looking for directions, we have forgotten about that little processor in there, it is called Brain ,which sir says should be free of malice and is more important than your duo core, and that little antenna right forth, it is called soul, catches all signals , which sir says must be truthful.
He says- "Spread as much knowledge as you can, but do not try to enlighten people, because enlightenment is something that comes by itself, it can not be taught, it can not be given, it is something that is intrinsic, yours and only yours " .
As for Professors like sir, I can perhaps say with confidence, without doubt, it is true that people can not bring enlightenment, but Mentors can ! If.....a follower is a true follower...

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