Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The waters are always clear, the air is always pure, the earth is always brown, no mixtures, no suspensions, no ornaments of diplomacy, flaunting, or deceit. And undoubtedly, I think, our life runs on these- the air, the water, the earth- the only sources of our existence. So, the first lesson that comes today- for all of us- is to be SIMPLE. This word is not as simple as you think it could be, it’s much more complex. Simplicity is that stage when your inner complexes stop pricking you, when you are contended with yourself and when the soul lights up not only you, but the people around you as well. The simplicity that everyone wants to absorb, the simplicity that a mentor can exhibit for his disciples to follow, the simplicity that sir has!!
Small meetings have taught me big teachings. Like the one today- where my visions changed, yet again. I am just another university student, struggling for good percentiles with fears in mind that somewhere somebody is waiting to snatch my seat with a better rank. For all those who are like me, fearing the competition more than facing it, sir has to say- “You compete with yourself always. It’s just you and you. It is all about the visibility of that image”. The visibility of the image where you will be able to pacify, inspire, and push yourself towards the escalators of success, the visibility of an image where your only enemy in the worst competitions is you, and your best friend in the biggest success is you, the visibility of an image which is your true self, unaltered, untouched, just you !!
Visions always are the most precious thing in the world, because they shape personalities, they build futures, they make the person , a person. Sir, thanks for making our visions right!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Alright!! For this one, I am not going to ask you- for I know, everyone in the world knows the base is always the more important one. And if I say that more eloquently, The base is the base of that important structure that comes ahead, it falls, the structures fall, it remains , so do the structures, when it is strong, the buildings are strong, and when it’s weak, the buildings can shake!! So, you have full right to turn back with an angry face to ask me-- what’s new in that?? From the Hindi text books of class five to the architectural maps in under graduation, everyone knows that!!
So, now I lay down the difference, the one that I heard today, and as always, as any eager and happy listener, I was glad to have been a student of the person who said this- My Professor!! Says he-  “It is never about the base or the building- both are equally important, both are equally magnificent!! When earthquakes shake it all, both of them fight. One completes the other. The base is strong, the building is beautiful, the base is deep down the Earth, the building is up high in the sky, and success is as strong as it’s beautiful, as deep as it’s high”. Sometimes the base is not visible, but the building knows it stands on it; sometimes the building is not given the credits for being strong, but the base knows, it was made because the building was needed.
And that’s how it maps from buildings and bases to the philosophy of life. Sometimes, you are the base, sometimes the building, but all the time, you are an important part!! And that matters. So , the next time you go to the analysis part of testing whether you are the base or the building, remember this once. And then, the analysis would not be needed, the credits would not be given or taken, the blames would not have to be pointed out—and then, may be, you will know what a “team” means!!
Sir, teachers always teach us the best things in life, the ones that we carry ahead, some forgotten, and some broken but good memories of lifetime teachings. But your lessons are so important that we want to eliminate the “forgotten” or “broken” bits. We want to keep them alive, in words that you said them- untouched, complete, candid and splendid as they have always been...