Friday, April 23, 2010

LOOKING AROUND- From all Your Followers

Looking around in the world so wide,
It is hard to find someone as your guide,
A guide who takes you far beyond strife,
And tells you the motives and meanings of life,
A mentor who brings shadows of happiness ,like a tree,
And makes you, your thoughts and your contemplations free,
A preacher who dives you through the waters of knowledge bright,
And enlightens your soul with the truth of his eternal light,
A teacher who teaches you not just books and lectures long,
But tells you the difference between right and the things wrong,

Looking around in the world so wide,
It was hard for me, to find someone as my guide,
An Engineering student, that I always had been,
Those endless desires and aims to win,
Perturbed minds and disturbed goals,
Life was good, but with many loopholes,
Less I fall, when of words I think,
To express my gratitude to this blog’s link,
To express my thanks to the person I pray,
For clearing my doubts, and directing my way,

Looking around in the world so wide,
Now things seem easy, for I have found my guide,
The principles of faith and truth that I imbibed,
The ways of sincerity, and those all positive vibes!
That infinite knowledge and ethics strong,
Those blessings endless, and those values along,
I know the paths are difficult and there are miles to walk,
But with my Mentor’s sermons, I have a key for each lock,

Looking around in the world so wide,
All I need to say- is “THANKS ” to my guide....


I always read "Guru-shishya parampara" in my school hindi book, right from Dronacharya taking as a tribute Eklavya's thumb so as to ensure that Arjuna was the world's best archer, as promised by his guru to the great contribution of Chanakya in the making of Chandragupta. And, not many people are fortunate enough to experience the purity, the sanctity and the beauty of a spiritual relation built upon the genuineness of the guru, and the respect, commitment, devotion and obedience of the student, is the best way for subtle or advanced knowledge to be conveyed! And our mentor, our sir, one fine afternoon, says "Aristotle and Alexander were both together because Alexander knew he wanted to Alexander the great and Aristotle knew he wanted to be Aristotle. Both are equally important. It's a two-way symbiosis relation." Sir, we thank you for making us understand such a spiritual relation. It's only because of you : what we know , what we are and what we aim for! Indeed, though a professor might not be powerful enough to give vision, but a mentor is or we would say, our mentor is. Thank you sir, thank you for mentoring us, thank you for guiding us not just through the principles of technology, but through the principles of life.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


When you are a student, you are tagged with some properties! And one of them is weeping, over bad marks, over lost toys or like! But when you are in an Engineering college, you have better reasons to weep, for uncared feelings, for professional diplomacies, for hurt emotions, for the inherent nature of a pessimistic demotivation that you would keep getting from your peers continuously at the rate consistently higher than you would have ever imagined. And such situations break people!
And that’s where we have been a lot of times, standing right in middle of the goals, undecided and perturbed, each time dragging ourselves out of such situations. But for the first time I think, we have been able to pull out ourselves wonderfully, without effort confronting the same scenario, all thanks to sir. Mentors and professors have a big difference. Professors teach, Mentors preach, the former teach Technology of Instruments, the latter preach Science of life. And I am grateful to have found a Mentor.
 Sir says, weeping never helps, because it shows the incapacitated weakness inside you. And people out there, would not care for your emotions, won’t make an effort to see your deep  reasons for those tears, they would just not care. So the Principle is- never in life, weep, because that makes the weaker people suspect your energy. Keeping the honour of that Strength inside us, tears are just a defeat if you weep when surrounded by troubles!
I know, it is a little odd to scribble the same text again at the end of each blog-post thanking sir for the person he has been, but truly we, his students, are helpless at that. Because there are some people in the world, to thank whom you will fall short of adjectives, so for sir, all that we implicitly and explicitly can say is –Thanks for guiding us, sir,  and giving us that never-dying strength, not just for today, but forever.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Right from the day we're born or i should rather say, the day we are conscious enough to the last breath we keep realising God almighty's grace and power. Well, mentor is no different i realised. Everyday you realise that he much more powerful and kind than you thought. That person addressed with the six lettered word - MENTOR, he not just guides my mind for my academics, he steers my soul so that i never deviate from my path of truthfulness. He not just directs me through the tough roads, he himself holds my hand and escorts me all the way. he not just says "God bless you" after you wish him a good morning, he makes sure that he teaches you how to tackle those fiercer storms of this new morning while protecting you when you're being taught. He not only realises when i smile, he can see those tiny tears that i might try suppressing unsuccessfully though. When tells me to relax and not to worry, he has actually makes sure that all my problems are his, that all my concerns are dear to him and that he would not let my fears come true, and i like a child does to his father, simply nod, forgetting my tears, and smiling walk again without realising that problems haven't vanished, it's just that my mentor has taken them from me.


The readers of this blog can probably sue me for this, for I am not conforming to the title of this blog in this post- because what I mention today is not something that Akash sir expilicitly says, but something that his blessings implicitly mean.
A professor, if you analyze that word a bit deeply, means a person who teaches you everything, right from life's biggest lessons to life's smallest lessons, a person who understands the depth of your knowledge right through the single glimpse of your behavior, a person to whom you go destabilized, and he makes you calm down, and stabilizes you to proportions hard to break, a person to whom you do not have to say your worries, he will extract them out of you, solve them and then send you back happy , a person whose blessings will make you feel you are the most precious person in the world, a person who is... simply the person he is, no explanations needed, no definitions required!And that's exactly- Akash sir!
Well, now coming to the title straight, sometimes when you are lost in your daily melodramas, it is only a Mentor's power that can bring you to the right paths! Before a few couple of years, we also were the same people, longing to be Engineers, fighting in JEE, but today, just because, and that "just" is important, because of our Mentor ,we are changed! Now, things like ethics are more important than profession, things like truth are precious than marks, things like devotion are dearer than competition, just because of the person, this blog is all about!
And in this post, I have a little something to discuss at the end, just as the part of a special honor that Professors like sir shower sometimes, creating happiness and bliss all around.Simple question, straight answer- What does a Professor's pen , his gift to his students mean to them- I am sure this is one of the most unanswered questions ever, and that's why I will attempt to derive out its answer- For a student, a professor's pen- is his blessings, that's a simple word. And decrypting it, it is his belief on you that you should never break, his expectations from you which you ought to come up to, his faith that he thinks you are worthy of, his millions of wishes which will save you from the biggest adversities of life and simply his infinite prayers for you, the prayers not everyone is lucky to have!! And for sir, we promise you, we will keep the honor of your blessings, today and forever, without fail, above everything that this world calls- Priority.. Because some people, some blessings are above Priorities...That's perhaps an unsaid language of a Professor, for every student of the world to understand and for Akash sir, I will remove the "perhaps"...

Monday, April 12, 2010


Heard of this statement?? You all must have!! Simple three words concatenated to form a partially comprehend able  statement, because ignorance is just ignoring! Well, sir says- Ignorance indeed is useful, and why- significant but clear- because it helps you give an opportunity to others to realize that they are going wrong. May be because somewhere , somehow, there is a hope of improvement which is hidden more in ignorance than scoldings.Well, in India, good philosophies often crash, but this one's going to stay, I know! We are people who are representatives of engineering colleges, we the future engineers, looking forward to establish great mobile technologies and better processors with our vast knowledge of gigantically vast subjects. But in this race, where we have been moving ahead, without measuring the miles, without looking for directions, we have forgotten about that little processor in there, it is called Brain ,which sir says should be free of malice and is more important than your duo core, and that little antenna right forth, it is called soul, catches all signals , which sir says must be truthful.
He says- "Spread as much knowledge as you can, but do not try to enlighten people, because enlightenment is something that comes by itself, it can not be taught, it can not be given, it is something that is intrinsic, yours and only yours " .
As for Professors like sir, I can perhaps say with confidence, without doubt, it is true that people can not bring enlightenment, but Mentors can ! If.....a follower is a true follower...

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Some people in the world will teach you what truth and its significance is! Some will prove it! And sir is the second one. Right from class nursery till the end of our lives, we find teachers almost all of them, guiding us towards the right truthful ways. But I can not recollect, even a single instance, where I could find evidence. But this time, my Mentor has proved it to the world that if truth prevails, appreciations follow, he himself being the biggest mirror reflecting that philosophy, standing different, in the crowd -yet away, in lies -yet truthful, in the mud of our bad society -still living proudly with what he calls - five simple alphabets, joined together- 'TRUTH'. And he , defining the honor of those words, wonderfully. All that I can say is short but rich- In an attempt to express the gratitude, that we, all his students have in our hearts --Sir keep guiding us, today and forever, because we are sure, True Mentors are not easy to find!