Saturday, April 3, 2010


Some people in the world will teach you what truth and its significance is! Some will prove it! And sir is the second one. Right from class nursery till the end of our lives, we find teachers almost all of them, guiding us towards the right truthful ways. But I can not recollect, even a single instance, where I could find evidence. But this time, my Mentor has proved it to the world that if truth prevails, appreciations follow, he himself being the biggest mirror reflecting that philosophy, standing different, in the crowd -yet away, in lies -yet truthful, in the mud of our bad society -still living proudly with what he calls - five simple alphabets, joined together- 'TRUTH'. And he , defining the honor of those words, wonderfully. All that I can say is short but rich- In an attempt to express the gratitude, that we, all his students have in our hearts --Sir keep guiding us, today and forever, because we are sure, True Mentors are not easy to find!

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