Monday, April 11, 2011

Hold On...

Well, in 3 years, we have learnt from our Prof. that come what may, there's just faith that keeps everything going:

When things go wrong,
When pain stays long,
When nothing seems right,
When there is no light,

Hold on, and have belief,
That God will bring relief,
Solutions could seem less,
And life could seem a mess,

Hold on, and locks will break,
And futures bright will wake,
Situations could seem tight,
Rainbows could seem white,

Hold on, and colors will shower,
Hold on, and Springs will flower,
Life's roads are long and rough
And Perseverance is an art so tough,

Yet he says, Hold On,
Then God will smile and pay you back,
Fill the hollows, that life might lack,
Yet he says, Hold On,
For life is life
because it's life,
It's a mixture of love and strife,
Yet he says, Hold On,
For The Almighty loves us all in loads,
and Faith can cross all bad roads.