Monday, June 20, 2011

That's "his" way

Well, four years in a government institution or it would rather be more appropriate to call it "sarkari college", irrespective of what you learn, realise and see; there's one thing that you see, you feel, every moment - people don't want to work, and they don't. Yes, people don't even want to do the work they're supposed to do, they're responsible for and they are all carefree roaming about and criticizing those who work. But as I always say, I have been seeing Sir working always for the four years - his work or someone else's, he does it with a never dying enthusiasm and love. We have always been taught that all work is equal - nothing is condescending and we all "educated" people or elites you may call, claim that we believe in equality of work. But nobody actually follows it, I always thought. However, when today when I told Sir that the wet cloth wasn't working on the whiteboard - as the lady who was cleaning it said - and I was thinking of various alternatives, he rushed inside, took the cloth from the lady in his idiosyncratic high-on-energy instantaneous manner, and said " Dhoondne se toh bhagwaan bhi milta hai" and almost scratched the board. In a few seconds, almost half of it was shining. Everyone laughed and smiled, so did I. But there was something that amazed me, something that left an impression. And I realised it was a yet one more incident when I saw his simplicity, his truthfulness and his devotion at its best.
You are the best Professor Sir and the best human being I have ever or will ever come across. We're blessed that we can happily call ourselves your students.