Sunday, December 5, 2010


When I was a toddler, I always used to believe in magic. That someday, a person will come with a wand and spell something, and then perhaps I will be happy forever. Then as I grew up, my memories and beliefs faded away and I started learning science, specifically Engineering and I just forgot those magic stories. But today, I guess, I am reliving it, because today I have proof, a proof that my Professor can do anything, he can change destinies, he can enlighten everything.
This is about a friend who is a true follower of sir, and I am putting this story on this blog to let our readers know, what wonderful people Professors are!! A little of inspiration, a lot of support and to go with that almost  infinite blessings, and my friend today is the topper of the one of the most prestigious colleges of Delhi. That's how it is- and may be it's about the purity of those countless 'God Bless You's ' that today , all I want to say is- Sir, I don't believe, now I am sure, with enough evidence that you are one person who can do anything, and may be that person God sent to us as the magician of our childhood stories. Without doubt, My Professor is the best Professor!! If we gather all ways in the universe to express our gratitude, still we can't thank you for what you have been...