Monday, June 20, 2011

That's "his" way

Well, four years in a government institution or it would rather be more appropriate to call it "sarkari college", irrespective of what you learn, realise and see; there's one thing that you see, you feel, every moment - people don't want to work, and they don't. Yes, people don't even want to do the work they're supposed to do, they're responsible for and they are all carefree roaming about and criticizing those who work. But as I always say, I have been seeing Sir working always for the four years - his work or someone else's, he does it with a never dying enthusiasm and love. We have always been taught that all work is equal - nothing is condescending and we all "educated" people or elites you may call, claim that we believe in equality of work. But nobody actually follows it, I always thought. However, when today when I told Sir that the wet cloth wasn't working on the whiteboard - as the lady who was cleaning it said - and I was thinking of various alternatives, he rushed inside, took the cloth from the lady in his idiosyncratic high-on-energy instantaneous manner, and said " Dhoondne se toh bhagwaan bhi milta hai" and almost scratched the board. In a few seconds, almost half of it was shining. Everyone laughed and smiled, so did I. But there was something that amazed me, something that left an impression. And I realised it was a yet one more incident when I saw his simplicity, his truthfulness and his devotion at its best.
You are the best Professor Sir and the best human being I have ever or will ever come across. We're blessed that we can happily call ourselves your students.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hold On...

Well, in 3 years, we have learnt from our Prof. that come what may, there's just faith that keeps everything going:

When things go wrong,
When pain stays long,
When nothing seems right,
When there is no light,

Hold on, and have belief,
That God will bring relief,
Solutions could seem less,
And life could seem a mess,

Hold on, and locks will break,
And futures bright will wake,
Situations could seem tight,
Rainbows could seem white,

Hold on, and colors will shower,
Hold on, and Springs will flower,
Life's roads are long and rough
And Perseverance is an art so tough,

Yet he says, Hold On,
Then God will smile and pay you back,
Fill the hollows, that life might lack,
Yet he says, Hold On,
For life is life
because it's life,
It's a mixture of love and strife,
Yet he says, Hold On,
For The Almighty loves us all in loads,
and Faith can cross all bad roads.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Finally, someone has done it! My class-mate finally asked my Professor- “Where do you get this lot of energy from? It seems like there’s no end”. And he says- “It’s from inside. When you are passionate about anything, the things around don’t matter. It’s where the source becomes Infinity and that’s what drives you”.
Sir says, “If you think you have achieved your goal, you are an Idiot” and I agree to this one without doubt. He says:”The goal can never be achieved because if you achieve it, you become stagnant and it just stops everything- passion, energy and the ability to work”. He says, “Goal can never be achieved because it is dynamic but Satisfaction has to be achieved.” May be it always has to be this way: you set the goal, launch an arrow, achieve it, and then... You make a new goal, and a new journey begins with the same zest, but with the happiness of climbing the stairs that lead to the goal. Well, this is what’s called the perfect match of optimism, energy and contentment.
For this I know some people might say, “Satisfaction means it’s the end of Innovation”. To that, my Professor has to say, “Innovation and satisfaction are two different systems . Don’t try to merge them. ” And since he likes DSP, he says, “The aim in life is to maintain the properties of the system. Just remember when you enter the system, be sure that its properties remain the same, when you leave the system. That would make sure the equilibrium maintains itself.”
On Success and failure, he says: “Success and failure are situational. And for the true success, all we need is Trust in God and Faith in Ourselves and combination would always work out.” My Professor has always taught me to do it the right way, and the right results would come by themselves.
To all those who ever wanted to meet someone with overflowing zest, unmatched stability , perfect knowledge and extraordinary teaching skills, here’s from me, an invitation to the IGIT campus, the person you always find smiling even when he’s not well, it’s Him. My Prof. and a person I am proud to call My Mentor.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


The Colours of Joy, the Colours of Belief,
The Colours of faith, the Colours of Relief,
The Colours of goodness, the Colours of success,
The Colours of courage, the Colours of finesse,
The Colours of hopes, the Colours of quest
The Colours of happiness, the Colours of zest
And in all those Colours,
For making us see, how deep they were,
In all those rainbows,
For making us feel, how important they were,
In the myriads of spectrum different and diverse,
Whether the times were better or worse,
For making us smile and rise again,
For making us cross life’s toughest lane,
For making us know the value of this life holy,
From your students, Professor—HAPPY HOLI!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Not to loose ourselves in the myriads of success and failures, but to find that right blissful contended path for ourselves; not to die down in the waves of bad times, but to endure; not to give up ever, but to smile and face whatever comes up next; and in all times, good or bad, to be the HUMAN that God wanted us to be, this is my Professor’s philosophy of life! And I guess, this is what is required for a good happy life.
My professor says, life is all about the right karmas, they are going to come to you over the circumference of life sometime, and to keep them right, just remember three things- “DO so that the system does not collapse because of your Karmas, DO so that the nature doesn’t get hurt ever, and DO such that you do not take anyone else’s piece of pie that’s not correctly yours”. He says, life is not about money, may be it’s more about us, about the kind of people we are for ourselves, about not hurting anyone in life, about being happy and more importantly making others around us happy because my Prof.  says life is just a probability function, and we just have to obtain the right PDF. He says , do your work and let the outcomes be! And that’s a wonderful solution to life’s biggest worries.
Well, Professor, every-time we have spoken to you, we have learned something, the SOMETHING that’s going to be with us forever. Thanks for giving us the keys to life’s most sternly locked gates!

Friday, February 25, 2011


The world is wide, and its people are variable, some gracious and some good! But there are some things that God made a small mixture of, amalgamated the constituents, and put a little in every person! Apprehension being one- the fear of failure. Everyone , at some time , at some circumstance, at some thought, faces that incorrigible fear.
But there are some people , in whom God forgot to add those mixtures of fear! Optimism that would make you shine with his aura, and such a great attitude to live –that I think Apprehension would fall down straight at his feet- That’s Akash Sir. And I think, it would take me a lifetime to learn all valuable lessons that he has to teach, and still I would have more to learn.
For all the time that we go to him, with all our negativity as normal persons, with all our fears, I don’t know how just magically he says a small one line phrase, and leaves us thinking how wrong we were! Only some people have the capability to make you learn by yourself, and I am thankful I am the fortunate disciple of one such person. Whenever we tell him , sir we are not sure , he just says-“You can’t ever be sure of anything, ever, in life”, so may be the better way is to think the RIGHT way!!
I know people joining Harvard School of Divinity for stability in their lives. But all it actually takes is, The One Right Teacher who does not only tell you which way to choose, but more importantly , the art to travel, with happiness and faith that the destination is near. For inculcating that faith, Thank you Professor!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


“FAITH and HARD-WORK will make you do everything, will make you achieve everything”, this is what my Prof says. He says, for all that happens in life, it is important to have the faith that you can do it. It is true that faith makes you believe that yes, it can happen and hard-work  ensures, it will indeed happen. That’s how the bridge from CAN to WILL gets built. He says, if one has the belief that one can do something, then there’s no space for doubts, apprehensions, or fears , because all the lacunae get filled with the spirit of zest and optimism.
 If I were asked to compare our Professor, I would probably say, may be he’s like the feedback loop in our lives, he keeps telling us what’s wrong and we keep changing the input. For us , as students, his teachings have always ensured that our stability keeps going well...