Thursday, March 17, 2011


Not to loose ourselves in the myriads of success and failures, but to find that right blissful contended path for ourselves; not to die down in the waves of bad times, but to endure; not to give up ever, but to smile and face whatever comes up next; and in all times, good or bad, to be the HUMAN that God wanted us to be, this is my Professor’s philosophy of life! And I guess, this is what is required for a good happy life.
My professor says, life is all about the right karmas, they are going to come to you over the circumference of life sometime, and to keep them right, just remember three things- “DO so that the system does not collapse because of your Karmas, DO so that the nature doesn’t get hurt ever, and DO such that you do not take anyone else’s piece of pie that’s not correctly yours”. He says, life is not about money, may be it’s more about us, about the kind of people we are for ourselves, about not hurting anyone in life, about being happy and more importantly making others around us happy because my Prof.  says life is just a probability function, and we just have to obtain the right PDF. He says , do your work and let the outcomes be! And that’s a wonderful solution to life’s biggest worries.
Well, Professor, every-time we have spoken to you, we have learned something, the SOMETHING that’s going to be with us forever. Thanks for giving us the keys to life’s most sternly locked gates!

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