Friday, February 25, 2011


The world is wide, and its people are variable, some gracious and some good! But there are some things that God made a small mixture of, amalgamated the constituents, and put a little in every person! Apprehension being one- the fear of failure. Everyone , at some time , at some circumstance, at some thought, faces that incorrigible fear.
But there are some people , in whom God forgot to add those mixtures of fear! Optimism that would make you shine with his aura, and such a great attitude to live –that I think Apprehension would fall down straight at his feet- That’s Akash Sir. And I think, it would take me a lifetime to learn all valuable lessons that he has to teach, and still I would have more to learn.
For all the time that we go to him, with all our negativity as normal persons, with all our fears, I don’t know how just magically he says a small one line phrase, and leaves us thinking how wrong we were! Only some people have the capability to make you learn by yourself, and I am thankful I am the fortunate disciple of one such person. Whenever we tell him , sir we are not sure , he just says-“You can’t ever be sure of anything, ever, in life”, so may be the better way is to think the RIGHT way!!
I know people joining Harvard School of Divinity for stability in their lives. But all it actually takes is, The One Right Teacher who does not only tell you which way to choose, but more importantly , the art to travel, with happiness and faith that the destination is near. For inculcating that faith, Thank you Professor!!

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