Saturday, March 26, 2011


Finally, someone has done it! My class-mate finally asked my Professor- “Where do you get this lot of energy from? It seems like there’s no end”. And he says- “It’s from inside. When you are passionate about anything, the things around don’t matter. It’s where the source becomes Infinity and that’s what drives you”.
Sir says, “If you think you have achieved your goal, you are an Idiot” and I agree to this one without doubt. He says:”The goal can never be achieved because if you achieve it, you become stagnant and it just stops everything- passion, energy and the ability to work”. He says, “Goal can never be achieved because it is dynamic but Satisfaction has to be achieved.” May be it always has to be this way: you set the goal, launch an arrow, achieve it, and then... You make a new goal, and a new journey begins with the same zest, but with the happiness of climbing the stairs that lead to the goal. Well, this is what’s called the perfect match of optimism, energy and contentment.
For this I know some people might say, “Satisfaction means it’s the end of Innovation”. To that, my Professor has to say, “Innovation and satisfaction are two different systems . Don’t try to merge them. ” And since he likes DSP, he says, “The aim in life is to maintain the properties of the system. Just remember when you enter the system, be sure that its properties remain the same, when you leave the system. That would make sure the equilibrium maintains itself.”
On Success and failure, he says: “Success and failure are situational. And for the true success, all we need is Trust in God and Faith in Ourselves and combination would always work out.” My Professor has always taught me to do it the right way, and the right results would come by themselves.
To all those who ever wanted to meet someone with overflowing zest, unmatched stability , perfect knowledge and extraordinary teaching skills, here’s from me, an invitation to the IGIT campus, the person you always find smiling even when he’s not well, it’s Him. My Prof. and a person I am proud to call My Mentor.

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