Wednesday, April 21, 2010


When you are a student, you are tagged with some properties! And one of them is weeping, over bad marks, over lost toys or like! But when you are in an Engineering college, you have better reasons to weep, for uncared feelings, for professional diplomacies, for hurt emotions, for the inherent nature of a pessimistic demotivation that you would keep getting from your peers continuously at the rate consistently higher than you would have ever imagined. And such situations break people!
And that’s where we have been a lot of times, standing right in middle of the goals, undecided and perturbed, each time dragging ourselves out of such situations. But for the first time I think, we have been able to pull out ourselves wonderfully, without effort confronting the same scenario, all thanks to sir. Mentors and professors have a big difference. Professors teach, Mentors preach, the former teach Technology of Instruments, the latter preach Science of life. And I am grateful to have found a Mentor.
 Sir says, weeping never helps, because it shows the incapacitated weakness inside you. And people out there, would not care for your emotions, won’t make an effort to see your deep  reasons for those tears, they would just not care. So the Principle is- never in life, weep, because that makes the weaker people suspect your energy. Keeping the honour of that Strength inside us, tears are just a defeat if you weep when surrounded by troubles!
I know, it is a little odd to scribble the same text again at the end of each blog-post thanking sir for the person he has been, but truly we, his students, are helpless at that. Because there are some people in the world, to thank whom you will fall short of adjectives, so for sir, all that we implicitly and explicitly can say is –Thanks for guiding us, sir,  and giving us that never-dying strength, not just for today, but forever.

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