Thursday, April 15, 2010


The readers of this blog can probably sue me for this, for I am not conforming to the title of this blog in this post- because what I mention today is not something that Akash sir expilicitly says, but something that his blessings implicitly mean.
A professor, if you analyze that word a bit deeply, means a person who teaches you everything, right from life's biggest lessons to life's smallest lessons, a person who understands the depth of your knowledge right through the single glimpse of your behavior, a person to whom you go destabilized, and he makes you calm down, and stabilizes you to proportions hard to break, a person to whom you do not have to say your worries, he will extract them out of you, solve them and then send you back happy , a person whose blessings will make you feel you are the most precious person in the world, a person who is... simply the person he is, no explanations needed, no definitions required!And that's exactly- Akash sir!
Well, now coming to the title straight, sometimes when you are lost in your daily melodramas, it is only a Mentor's power that can bring you to the right paths! Before a few couple of years, we also were the same people, longing to be Engineers, fighting in JEE, but today, just because, and that "just" is important, because of our Mentor ,we are changed! Now, things like ethics are more important than profession, things like truth are precious than marks, things like devotion are dearer than competition, just because of the person, this blog is all about!
And in this post, I have a little something to discuss at the end, just as the part of a special honor that Professors like sir shower sometimes, creating happiness and bliss all around.Simple question, straight answer- What does a Professor's pen , his gift to his students mean to them- I am sure this is one of the most unanswered questions ever, and that's why I will attempt to derive out its answer- For a student, a professor's pen- is his blessings, that's a simple word. And decrypting it, it is his belief on you that you should never break, his expectations from you which you ought to come up to, his faith that he thinks you are worthy of, his millions of wishes which will save you from the biggest adversities of life and simply his infinite prayers for you, the prayers not everyone is lucky to have!! And for sir, we promise you, we will keep the honor of your blessings, today and forever, without fail, above everything that this world calls- Priority.. Because some people, some blessings are above Priorities...That's perhaps an unsaid language of a Professor, for every student of the world to understand and for Akash sir, I will remove the "perhaps"...

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