Friday, April 23, 2010

LOOKING AROUND- From all Your Followers

Looking around in the world so wide,
It is hard to find someone as your guide,
A guide who takes you far beyond strife,
And tells you the motives and meanings of life,
A mentor who brings shadows of happiness ,like a tree,
And makes you, your thoughts and your contemplations free,
A preacher who dives you through the waters of knowledge bright,
And enlightens your soul with the truth of his eternal light,
A teacher who teaches you not just books and lectures long,
But tells you the difference between right and the things wrong,

Looking around in the world so wide,
It was hard for me, to find someone as my guide,
An Engineering student, that I always had been,
Those endless desires and aims to win,
Perturbed minds and disturbed goals,
Life was good, but with many loopholes,
Less I fall, when of words I think,
To express my gratitude to this blog’s link,
To express my thanks to the person I pray,
For clearing my doubts, and directing my way,

Looking around in the world so wide,
Now things seem easy, for I have found my guide,
The principles of faith and truth that I imbibed,
The ways of sincerity, and those all positive vibes!
That infinite knowledge and ethics strong,
Those blessings endless, and those values along,
I know the paths are difficult and there are miles to walk,
But with my Mentor’s sermons, I have a key for each lock,

Looking around in the world so wide,
All I need to say- is “THANKS ” to my guide....

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