Friday, May 7, 2010


There are fewer chances in life where we learn from our mistakes, for most of the times, due to our inherent intrinsic egos we fail to accept and admit that we were at fault. I am a bit reluctant to say this, but for the first time in my life, I have learnt from a sense of guilt, a feeling of regret!
It is said, if you are blessed by the immortal powers up in the heaven, God will help you and bless you even when you do things that might be completely wrong. And the same nectar of truth, learning and bliss I will put up today. To the readers of this blog, this one’s not just for thanking my Mentor, but this time, for telling him and people like him, that it is you and your words that have kept God’s sermons alive. And thanks is a little less heavy word for that, so I am not using it!
This one’s a life time lesson, the one that can change destinies, change nations, change fortunes of  millions of people and places...Sir says- Wherever you go in life, do not look for projections. Because everyone in the world is not like you, can not be like you, should not be like you. Everyone has his or her own set of perceptions! So do not always look for systems that are like you ! Sometimes parallelism has be to sacrificed because the world is vivid- thoughts , ideas, ideals, can never be similar for two people! That’s how God made us.
He says- If you are in the list of people, who feel that you did not join politics because it is for bad people, you are wrong. Before saying, that the system is bad, look for it! You have to be in the system, to change the system. A silent spectator never helps. And that’s what we in India are!  We look, see, observe, and then back off. We never put our hands inside the bin to clear it, and that’s where we fail.
SO why this post is special, is because , it is not a lesson from my teacher to me, it is because it is a word that needs to travel long, from the north to the south, across the east and over the west. And for the person who gave this precious word to me, I have just a single promise to make, that come what may, from now on, your students , sir, would never back off. We can change the systems or not, that’s destined, but we will try, for sure...

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