Monday, May 24, 2010

Let us keep it simple- This one's for our FAVOURITE TEACHER.....

This one's for you sir....

I know there are millions all over the world,
Who for their students, have new worlds, unfurled...
I know there are billions all over the world,
Who pray their teachers, with their ways superb,

Still in an attempt, to pray this person wise,
A person who has been like God, in Guru’s disguise,
Here I go ahead, on my little efforts to praise,
For his personality can not be thanked, in these small less ways,

In comparisons I have found, he is different than the different,
Enlightenment and Achievement, his teachings have always meant.
That simple saying, the little short thought,
For us, the one, “life” who has taught..

Yes, he values truth more than fame,
Yes he loves faith more than name,
Yes, he likes to be loyal; he likes to be sincere,
Yes for all his students, he is the panacea for every tear,

I had heard of Krishna, I know he was a God great,
And always I had wished, that a mentor like him, would be in my fate,
So, this is not for sir, this is for the God there in the heaven,
For giving us a “TEACHER” who is more precious than the World’s wonders seven.

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