Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Well, seven hours ago I was a representative of the 'FRUSTRATED MANY' that form India today . Now I am a representative of the 'SATISFIED FEW' who might form India someday. And the credit goes to a person whom I will call belonging to a category of people who are -so positive that negativity will fail before them, so optimistic that pessimism will bend down, so stable that instability will surrender, so ethical that immorality will fail!! A person , by now, I think you all know!
Sir says- India just needs the best people at the top. And if you being a worthy candidate for that post back off just because others are weird, it is you who loose. To flee, is to loose, to leave is to loose, to surrender is to loose, and I am sure people in India will play on their lives, but they do not like to loose.
The moment you leave the battle ground, for whatever reason, the battle is lost and the enemy wins. The enemy, which for India can be imagined as a big monster, with the face of corruption, the black robes of immorality, the hands of self made prisons and a mouth which always keeps praying , requesting for protection, but it is "WE" who fail to hear!! So this one's from sir , not just to his followers, but to all Indians , who are doubtful if they want to change India! Sometimes, you need to leave back cribbing and come to the battleground, and that's what Sir has taught us to be- Fighters , the reformers, not rebels!
And to end this one- let me end it at a simply gracious thing I heard today from sir- Things which you do with your heart's support are things that make you win biggest races of this small life, easily, effectively, efficiently and happily... And the last one's the best one...
And for sir, please forgive me sir, but you have so much to teach your students ,that now  my big bag of thanks has started ending up, so let me search out for some other synonyms to express my infinite gratitude...

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