Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Well, the readers of this blog have asked me often, how can it be true about an Engineering college's professor, that too a DSP and Image processing Professor. How can a person be so perfect when it comes to the Human Domain, as he is in the Signals Domain ? So for all readers and friends, I have no answer. I am myself surprised all the times and elated at others when he talks flawlessly about Life , with an Image Processing book in one hand, and strict professional technical papers in the other. All I can say is- We are blessed to have such a person. Having him as our mentor, has been one of the most biggest blessings, we ever had, because everything in life is easy except finding a right direction. And he helps everyone with that, even his foes , I suppose. So here's another rhyme, from his students, to him- for all his followers- the most special teacher...

Some philosophies win your heart,
Some will win your soul,
Some thoughts will touch your mind,
Some will colour your personality, whole.

Some people will show you your paths,
The special ones will make you walk through them,
Some will brush the leaves of your tree,
The special ones will strengthen the stem.

Some people will be present when you need them long,
The special ones will stay with you, on your journeys along,
Some people will come to you, when for help you will call,
The special ones won’t need to be called; they will take your worries all,

Some people whom we meet on the roads of life wide,
Some people, special, in whom we all confide,
Some people whom we call – TEACHERS
Some people whom we call PREACHERS.

All we have to say today, for our teacher is short,
The lines that come ahead, that’s the only thought.

We wish every teacher was just like you,
And every one in the world, had a mentor true,
People come and people go,
Special ones like you are rare, though,
For your convictions strong, our heads we do bow,
“The value of life” ,for making us know!!!

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