Wednesday, June 30, 2010


All people in the world are eternally emotional when it comes to observing- observing the helpless, weeping, poor, downtrodden, heart-moving, eye-flashing sights of the world!! And when it comes to helping, to lending a hand, to wiping the tears , to sharing a thought, ironically, the same observant people move back- simply because they have many problems of their own, and what help can helping someone essentially lower in status than them do to them. And let’s accept it, we all, are in that category, if not apparent, then actually, inherently!!
This is about a short anecdote that I virtually saw, felt and assimilated today- and the credit goes to sir, proudly saying, our mentor! Morning 9:30, is the time when people in India leave for their offices, schools and colleges- finely dressed, perfumes in place, brilliant cars and showers of other things to flaunt. And then when they step out of their cars, if they see some sweeper sweeping the floor, they are likely to, and most of the times they do, get offended for that low person to have flown dust across their face. And in 99% cases I have heard people saying-“Could you not have done this earlier?”(Frowning)
And now maintaining the fact that Sir is different, here’s it. Morning 9:30, yes the same time that defined the story above, sir was in his office. Seeing the sweeper turn in, when I was expecting the normal Indian answer, sir smiled and said- “Yes, yes come in! Should I go out? And you must also have some cold drink; it is very hot these days’ and more than that- The same Smile!! Small incidence, Big lessons. I know, it is just a part of his good behaviour may be, but for me – it’s a lifetime thing to learn – to learn that sometimes the biggest impressions are created when you are close to people , not when you tend to be away, sometimes the biggest satisfactions are earned when you bend a little, not always when you walk upright, sometimes you earn respect when you smile, more than when you want to earn it when you frown, sometimes the biggest values are imbibed when you help those who are the less helped , not always by extending dinners at Hyatt, sometimes the heights are more high, when you stay connected to the bottom, sometimes the highest zeniths can be touched, when you drop a little rope to help those who lie at the Nadirs, may be then – the flight would be different, the colours of sky will be different- that’s what sir has taught me!
I do not know how to thank a person for making me imbibe the biggest value- the value of helping, the value of smiling, the value of being a person, but whatever words can be framed for that “THANKS”, I wish to use for sir!! Thank-you sir, for that constant teaching where you taught your followers to be humans.

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