Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We promise....

Not everyone is blessed with the most favourite people of God, those people who infuse in us a spirit of kindness, innovation, energy, faith and truthfulness, but we indeed are luckier than the most people to have been blessed with Him, yes i'll not use him, i'll say Him, because that's what the truth is! And today, when He said " It's not the failure of the student, it's the failure of the teacher." He further said, it's not the system that's incapiciated, it's the person who has made it so.I realised, everytime i think, i know the vastness of my mentor's ocean of enlightment, of selflessness, i come to know, i had just counted those shells lying there and thought that was the end of His soul's beauty, but it's actually unfathomable. And today, we promise you, sir we won't ever let you down, we won't ever let you fail and all we need is your blessings, your guidance that has helped us tread through the toughest of tasks and has enlightened our souls!

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