Friday, May 14, 2010


Soliloquy is something that you say to yourself, a part of your soul, that only you know. And when that part is defined for a GURU, it means a part of his infinite knowledge, which if understood will take you far more ahead of worldly mortal worries and wonders. Well, since I am a part of a worldly fanatics who call themselves- The ”To be engineers”, let me put it the engineering way,  a Guru's teaching is like the satellite, a big repeater in the sky, it keeps on relaying information , keeps on sending beaming echoes, that we all need for survival, but the gist of the long concept is you need to make your soul's receiver so strong, that you receive them, amplify them, and adhere to them with zero attenuation, forever . So here's putting a part of the same relayed knowledge to everyone who needs to know- The person who is the reason for this Blog to be made- My Guru, Prof. Akash Tayal.
This is what Krishna said to Arjuna, and sir told us to read, actually assimilate! No, I am not acknowledging myself to be Arjuna, but the other comparison holds. Yes, it does. Without doubt.For all times in life, when you need to decide-  between Dharma- and Adharma, this might help, will help...
''शरासन तान, बस अवसर यही है ,
घड़ी फ़िर और मिलने की नहीं है .
विशिख कोई गले के पार कर दे ,
अभी ही शत्रु का संहार कर दे .''

श्रवण कर विश्वगुरु की देशना यह ,
विजय के हेतु आतुर एषणा यह ,
सहम उट्ठा जरा कुछ पार्थ का मन ,
विनय में ही, मगर, बोला अकिञ्चन .

''नरोचित, किन्तु, क्या यह कर्म होगा ?
मलिन इससे नहीं क्या धर्म होगा ?''
हंसे केशव, ''वृथा हठ ठानता है .
अभी तू धर्म को क्या जानता है ?''

''कहूं जो, पाल उसको, धर्म है यह .
हनन कर शत्रु का, सत्कर्म है यह .
क्रिया को छोड़ चिन्तन में फंसेगा ,
उलट कर काल तुझको ही ग्रसेगा .''

भला क्यों पार्थ कालाहार होता ?
वृथा क्यों चिन्तना का भार ढोता ?

And as  an end addressal, sir, we are blessed to be a part of that world which has less, but precious people like you!!

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