Thursday, April 15, 2010


Right from the day we're born or i should rather say, the day we are conscious enough to the last breath we keep realising God almighty's grace and power. Well, mentor is no different i realised. Everyday you realise that he much more powerful and kind than you thought. That person addressed with the six lettered word - MENTOR, he not just guides my mind for my academics, he steers my soul so that i never deviate from my path of truthfulness. He not just directs me through the tough roads, he himself holds my hand and escorts me all the way. he not just says "God bless you" after you wish him a good morning, he makes sure that he teaches you how to tackle those fiercer storms of this new morning while protecting you when you're being taught. He not only realises when i smile, he can see those tiny tears that i might try suppressing unsuccessfully though. When tells me to relax and not to worry, he has actually makes sure that all my problems are his, that all my concerns are dear to him and that he would not let my fears come true, and i like a child does to his father, simply nod, forgetting my tears, and smiling walk again without realising that problems haven't vanished, it's just that my mentor has taken them from me.

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