Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I live in India! And Ganges is something we worship, we respect, we love. But to be sincere and true, I never thought Ganges could teach as well. Yesterday, talking about hurdles, as always, in an ever defined dignity, with the same reassuring smile, sir told us- "Life is just like the Ganges, everything keeps on flowing! In that dynamic unblocked , ever flashing flow, the heavy stones are always left behind, only those flow who have the power and strengths for the same dynamism". And that's quite true, in life as well, the life's flow just suppports the moving, working and the fittest individuals. It's just that beautiful analogy between our revered Ganges' flow and what Darwin defined as 'Survival of the Fittest'.
Says sir, placing hurdles in someone's path is the easiest what people can do to stop you, but that inner devotion and your belief in your work, will make those stones, those hurdles transparent and you will easily pass towards success.
This I would name as 'THE PRINCIPLE OF GANGETIC SEDIMENTATION', like the Ganges, even life will sediment, it will keep people who are free and light of mind, without their heavy conspiracies and diplomacies, and the ones playing strategies and games to increase their payoffs, and reduce others' , will be left behind.
As for sir, I will perhaps put it this way, in an Engineering college where Professors are busy in analog circuits, voltmeters, op-amps, DACs and what not, it is Strange and equally Elating, to find a person like him! He has what others lack, just those three small things, 'VISION' , 'OBSERVATION' and 'OPTIMISM', without which humans can never become humane.

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