Friday, March 5, 2010


Without mention, engineering students are mad about their projects. They want to be at the top, beating everyone else down. They want to publish papers, too many. They think their life is an ideal impulse; everything should have success, magnitude infinity but duration to achieve that delta, tending to zero!! And I was the same person, just a few hours ago!

People transform, but for someone to cause a metamorphosis in your thinking, it requires the truth of conviction, the light of a notion which can bring about changes, permanent changes!!

As far as I have known professors, they have been just professors! But now I think, I have found a mentor. Professor Akash Tayal, one person I think the whole college respects, so I am no exception. Projects, he says are not just platforms where from you learn, they are those steps from where you will learn to climb the steps of the real success. We all keep running to him, sir we have done this and that. And always with a smile he says, well, what next? He tells us that the real happiness of life is in the dynamism it has, so keep on working. He is the person who told us, what an impulse function is, but I think, he implements it a bit differently. He likes to keep the impulse moving, shifting it throughout, uptil infinity, sieving the values that it requires to make a good signal in the signal-domain, and a good person in the human-domain! Because- everything in life is made of shifted deltas, the values have to be accumulated one by one, each one is precious! He explains to his students in an unmatched way that publishing papers will never help you, know the things, understand them, and then everything else is little play!

He says, always to work rightly and successfully in life, you will require three things- Energy, Enthusiasm and Direction. Unguided enthusiasm will not lead you anywhere. Its just like the ray of light, travelling haphazardly through space will never help you, but when provided a core and a cladding, it will help you communicate! So, whenever you have an idea in life, to do the smallest or the biggest things, first look for a direction! Once you know where to go, the way is not difficult ahead.

And on an ending note, let me put it straight in his words. Life always gives a choice; just learn to know the right way for yourself. The direction you choose will never make you sad and unhappy. So, go forward, work on what you want to!

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