Saturday, March 6, 2010


There is a big difference between 99 and 100. And the truth of this statement is as true as God is! To be accepted by some, is an incomplete success. To be accepted and respected by all , is success of one’s living. And sir is the latter one. You will find many people in life, some you will like to see, some you will like to talk to, some you will like, but rare are the ones you will want to follow.
This is about a few simple things, I have learnt today from sir. First – the truth of being what you are! Professor perfect, as we call him, he works most, that too truly, and still I have always found him simple. No arrogance, no presumptuousness, no artificiality, no diplomacy. And that’s a lesson for us all. To be at the topmost rank, does not matter much as does the honour of remaining attached to your position, remaining close to your people. The success defines more with what you gain in life as a person. That’s to remember, go as high as you can, but to remember who you are, that’s what I have learnt from him. He always tells us- There are some things that you will remember when you will be sixty years old. So, sir, this is what we are going to remember forever.
Not always will you see the most worthy and the most respected Professor of some college, attached to not one, but all his students in an indefinable way. It requires an inner enlightenment to do that! An Enlightenment, whose light, lights us all!
As they say, live in a way that if someone else follows your footsteps, the person will not repent. And sir’s definitely, the one whose footsteps we want to follow, without doubt, without regret.

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