Tuesday, March 16, 2010


A mentor is the one who makes you believe that ever in life, whichever way you go, he will assure you never take the wrong way. The day you go wrong, the day he will be there to show you the right path, with a lamp of ever lighted knowledge and enlightenment. And without doubt, I have to say- Our Mentor is this description’s synonym.
Prof. Akash Tayal, the person I would correctly call- Everyone’s delight!! And why?? Simple reasons- He is true, and he is different! Sitting today in the class like an ordinary student, I have learned something extraordinary. He says: “It is not about the faith between you and me because I am an external force, so that faith between me and you is irrational. And if you ever wanted to know the rationality of an immortal faith, it is the faith between YOU and YOU”. The biggest examination in life is the one where you are face to face with yourself, diplomacies and manipulations surrounding you, contemplations encountering you, confrontations disturbing you and your decision of leaving them all behind, and being just what you ever have been, without change. That resistance to change and conductance to faith is what makes a person what he is!!
Strangely enough, to this fact that we heard in the morning, we had enough evidence by evening. Sir is some person who will give you liberty to do anything, but with a small expectation that you are true and faithful. And precisely if I express in 2 words- “IT HURTS”, it hurts to see if such a person is deceived. But in his philosophy, he simply says- “Let the world be! Just try, not to change! Better the people, better the world” And he, graciously being the better part of the world! He says- Your ethics show your values! Deceiving someone for a mark or two will never lead you anywhere in life; all that it would give you is an inner dissatisfaction when you would come at introspection. It is all about the range of your vision, some would see 30 degrees- They will break faiths, gain marks. And the other will see round the life, 360 degrees, may loose marks, but keep the lights of faiths lit well. And the later will always win; the former would probably not loose but never win!!
As a word of thanks to our mentor, all we have to say is- Sir, probably in a wrong environment, we could have thought to go wrong! But the conviction that you hold, the truth that you hold, that aura which lies around a mentor as true as you, will never let us go wrong, because the freedom of faith is much above the chains of lies!

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