Friday, March 5, 2010


It's all about the way you accept yourself!! You think your are a winner, you are! You think you are happy, you will be!! This is what I have learnt from sir.
Ever in life, if you get a chance to come to our college, you can recognize him right there. A composed person, listening to everyone, solving everyone's problems, responding to his students nicely, and above all accepting himself to be happy even inspite of everything that goes around.... That's him!!
Well, when you start learning from a mentor, it's infinite! You can never find ends to what limits you can learn. This large blogger space is less, for sure! Still, even bits of his sayings are worthy to be read, so I thought I will put it down for you all to read! He does not believe in carrot and stick, and why should he? He does not need to! For all his students, are by themselves devoted. They don't need carrots, his tecahing is much bigger than that to us! He gives us a single reason for that- "If one to one interaction can not help you adhere to my principles, I doubt if any other electronic or social system can ever!" ... We are glad to have you there sir, for all of us, always!!

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