Friday, March 5, 2010


After four long semesters, I have realized something for sure- Engineering subjects are not bad, they are like unpolished diamonds, if you have professors who can make diamonds out of them, you will fall in love with the subjects!! And I must embed something for sure, in this piece of text- I know one such person. He does not like getting introduced by great degrees he has, so we call him the most famous person across our college. If you have problems with Signals and Systems, go to him, about DSP -go to him, problems with your project- go to him, problems with your training, go to him- in one word- he is the panacea for all problems we have. Prof. Akash Tayal!! And his room our temple!

Well, as far as I know, we engineers, in our labs, do not experiment. We look at the devices, we try to operate them, and when we do not get results, we establish results, we start from the answers going right back to the question. And we think we are experts at fooling teachers. But lord, we can fool everyone, but not him. And then more, when you see faith showering right from the other person, you can’t ever dare to deceive!! It appears he has the real powers to be the GURU, he can see you right through.

He says, experiment, see around, look for things, and then no power of the world can stop you from getting the results. Just follow the right paths!! Keep working, do not worry for the results and then everything you desire is bound to be given to you. Absolutely wonderful!

Working in our Analog labs, we often used to get the wrong readings for our capacitor values. And he would always say- try to get the right values for the capacitors. But this capacitor would not matter much, what matters is your life’s capacitance. Even if this capacitor goes from 2pF to 4pF, does not matter for me, but keep the values of you own capacitance correct. Once calculated wrong, it will not let you live. Keep connecting the capacitors with truth, faith and sincerity, and then your device would work, without error…undoubtedly.

Often when we are tensed with our minors and majors, he says just do what you want to do! Whatever you do, play music, do research, write articles, do it 100%.We view the waves ,always waiting to wipe us off, and he makes us see the ocean behind those waves- vast, wide and silent. Salutes to him for that!!

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