Saturday, March 27, 2010


Seeing a person and judging is not a gigantically difficult task! In fact, it is easy! It is as easy as feeling warm with the heat of a lighted fire! But when it comes to defining yourself, it is tough! It is as tough as lighting fire, in a manner that attempts to extinguish it will fail.
I am attempting the first part, I am defining someone whom I take as – ‘A Person of Ethics, Values, Wisdom and Truth’, a person the readers of this blog know as Prof. Akash Tayal! And he is the second part, he sometimes, speaks things that define him, definitely in a way that it can never be forgotten, it can never be extinguished!!
He says- A teacher’s job is to give! Give infinitely to his students without discriminations! To pour down the showers of infinite knowledge, is the first duty of any professor! And that I think needs to be assimilated by many professors who are not teachers in true sense as yet. Being a true teacher is all about having that core magnetism, that attracts your followers to be with you for a lifetime, and sir has it, no doubts!!
Today, sir told us the gist of something in India, that we know as Geeta, and that is- “Do your work, DO not wait for results, and if ever in life, you were baffled of a decision, look back to the Lord, and go into his refuge. Because God is the ultimate support, a place where all worries come to an end, so leave everything to the Lord”. Thanks for that lifetime lesson sir, all we have to say is- we have not seen the Lord, but we have heard of incarnations! So we are leaving everything unto our Mentor, that’s you!!

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