Friday, March 26, 2010


Matlab is a wonderful language , and Akash sir is one person the MatLab developers should thank! For, he is one person who told us what Matlab is, how it works, and how we can simulate exactly everyhting in the Cosmos with it! In the same lab, we all were , as typical Engineers plotting the FIR Responses, some curved, some straight, some cut and some linear! That's how we see graphs, we analyze and we work out!!

But when it comes to vision, a mentor's vision is far wider than yours. Little things, that we slip and slide, appear worthy and full of wisdom when he elaborates them with meanings so intricately well knitted in what I call- "A Mentor's Personality Perfect". So, let me put to text, a beautiful idea that he stated today- 'S'- we all know that alphabet, yes, the same one that stands for 'Self-respect', 'Sincerity','Serenity' and 'Stability' , he put a new perspective to it! Says sir- S is a graph of endings and beginnings, when you start making it , its deft and clear, when you move towards the top , the dimensions and the prosperity of that curve increases, but when you reach the maxima, there comes a tipping from which you may come down the curve!! Then the next thing is- what to do when that tipping comes! So sir has to say- 'Move on, that's the start of a new beginning, the start of a new S, the start of the same S that stands for - Sunrise, the same S that stands for Success, a never ending way to an ever defined destination, that people like sir call faith and self-belief!!

In India, systems keep changing! On that sir has his own stand- In his words- 'System is a donkey, so try making better donkeys' Well, sir all that your students have to say about this is- We agree that systems are donkeys, but some donkeys , some systems are so dear and near, that we wish the horses were few and such system donkeys more, just because of that unbreakable faith that you hold on a segment of the system that can make the donkey a horse!!The segment, that we are sure, you are!!

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