Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Over the last two years, under the guidance of my mentor i've realised that he has his own commandments :
1. You shall always be honest and truthful.
2. You shall not cheat or deceive anyone.
3. You shall be responsible and punctual irrespective of where you're.
4. You shall not let any system transform your good intrinsic values into bad ones.
5. You shall help everyone selflessly.
6. You shall not get worried or change yourself to gain the validation of those who have not the rightful honour to be your judge.
7. You shall believe in giving and not keeping your knowledge to yourself, for this shall only enlighten you.
8. You shall believe and understand that faith is between you and you only. Faith with an external entity is irrational.
9. You shall make sure you follow the path of truthfulness and remain free from strategies.
10. You shall always remain modest, however big your acheivements may be.

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