Friday, March 12, 2010


Since it is about an Engineering college’s professor, I must include some characteristics of species called Engineers. This species has special characteristics- “We do not know what is respect, faith or loyality, we just know PROFESSION, because we are Professionalists”. True?? Well, yes, it was true!
But as sir says, the fusion of truth and loyalty will make you someone you will be able to respect. And truthfully saying, I believed it always, but I evidenced it today. Well, bunking classes is a phenomenon we do, normally and frequently without hitch or even the slightest of embarrassment. But for our DSP class, we somehow, all of us, feel responsible, and guilty to have left it in middle, what to talk of bunking! An idea can win your mind, but it takes years for it to win your heart sometimes. To accept some principle is as hard as moving a mountain. But for a true teacher, to cause a change is as easy as – lighting a spark. And sir is one of those people, who does not only light sparks, he makes you believe and evidence that the spark is right, candid , clear and complete to cause a transformation.
So all I have to express is- It is often not about the way you behave to a situation, it is more about the way you feel for a situation! And sir made us realize this!

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