Friday, March 5, 2010


Had a nice lecture today--- one and a half hour!! DSP- Digital Signal Processing is what we call this subject and our most revered lecturers Prof.Akash Tayal teaches us that!! And today, it was again DSP, with an half an hour extra class!
Though some of my class mates were utterly blank, for me this one and half hour lecture has been the best lecture in DSP, because it has taught me the DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING OF MY LIFE….. As my heart’s sincere thanks to sir, let me join the pieces of the beautifully carved picture that I have assembled and assimilated today, 29 January, 2010.
Truthfulness, he says, is the best asset of any human being for it gives you freedom, the freedom to live life the way it is, beautifully, calmly and comprehensively. Truthfulness makes you a true human being, where you are not just some bizarre person thinking about your next move, where you are a part of the cosmos- the part of the Almighty. Truthfulness relinquishes you from the strategies and challenges, the malicious moves of your game, that you are playing – unintentionally, without direction, perhaps even with yourself unknowingly.
He very rightly says that there is a gigantic difference between survival and living. Survival is that race which we are all participating in, the paths unknown, the destination unclear. A race in which we all are selfish, without emotions, without concerns. And the true human being inside us is hidden behind that veil which any of us is inefficient in uncovering. And living is that state of mind, where you do not have wishes, whims and competitions, where we just have satisfactions, freedoms and infinite happiness and bliss.
Well, needless to say, he is great Mathematician. More than that a great lecturer when it comes to explaining signals, systems and images. So now, explaining life in his mathematical words, he says, life is a function f (Perseverance, Persistence, Vision and Action Plan) = YOUR REAL SUCCESS!!True, every moment in your life, be that the biggest decision involving your families, careers, success, friends or anything, it is simply the function of perseverance and persistence, because that defines the real you!! Hidden but true….
“Straight trees are cut first”, very rightly he says…. I agree to this fully, the more sincere you are, the more the society will crush you! The more honest you become, the more harshly you will be treated, the more you follow “Geeta”, the more you become a fool for them. But the true colors of personality can never be painted false. Charms can strike the sight, but it is merit which wins the soul. And the true merit of any human being, he says, is his ethics, his feelings, his devotion and dedication. And the biggest evidence to that is him himself being one of those straight trees, standing upright, clear, truthfully at his place, different from the crowd!!
He advised us to open our minds and try to see the better side of things. Definitely I was even one amongst those people, who if rejected in an entrance, would have probably some time thought, it was because things were screwed up!! Thanks to him for changing my opinions! Says he, even if 70 % things were goofed up, why not observe the rest 30% which were ours. Why do we always blame others for what we are not? Let’s do it ourselves, so that when we turn back after 30 years from now, we are proud that we took the path less travelled by, perhaps not successful, perhaps not rich, but contended and satisfied, calm and composed, truthful, devoted, and happy.
Rightly did he ask how many of us dream to get a Padam Shree? Possibly none!! Because our vistas, our inner constraints and the walls of that self made prison, made of our materialistic whims and never ending desires, do not allow us to think even. What to talk of dreaming?? Hard work and devotion are the keys which can open any door, be the gate locked with a thousand locks…
The gist of this lecture is probably that life is a multiplication of two matrices, called ethics and hardwork. If you want to get a result out of your life, make the columns of first equal to the rows of second, and then every FFT and DFT of your life will be successful, howsoever hard God may analyse !!

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