Saturday, March 27, 2010


It is said that when you come to know people, then starts a process of growing, growing towards a knowledge which keeps on widening with time! And so has been this process of knowing My Mentor! Each time I go to him with a broken hope, I come back alive with the encouraged hope of success , full of life! And that’s what I will correctly call- ‘A Mentor’s Magic of Transforming your soul to the zenith of optimism’
He says- ‘Sincerity’ and ‘Truth ’ are two things that will make you a winner, nothing else has ever counted and will ever count! Those two things tell you how to live with a free mind and a positively motivated strategy. And that can make you a successful person, a person who will have no regrets with life, a person as happy, contended and lively as he himself is! A person that all of us want to be..
Talking about the process of rejections sir told us- ‘Rejection is something that defines more of itself at  an intrapersonal level, it’s how you see yourself, it is how you weigh yourself, it is how you place yourself ’! It is a state where you know that you can not work, a state where you know you are not at peace with your own self, a place where you would have taken the first step towards failure! And a state where I know, his true disciples can never fall into! Because the brightness of a mentor’s notion lights up the paths of his thousand students, and sir’s notion’s light is so enlightened, that without doubt, I can claim that his students, his true students will never face darkness ever, and if they ever do, they would just need to see back once, and the paths will get lighted themselves!!
Sir also says- “Rejections are a step towards Acceptance, a step towards a new morning, a step towards a new beginning”! I must say- I am grateful that I am sir’s student , and thus, I know the value of that cycle! Beginnings and Rejections they follow!!

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