Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Yes I accept! Well some people in the world might call me typically Engineering Oriented, but I have other reasons to be completely obsessed with Digital Signal Processing. The first one is , it’s my Mentor’s subject, and the second one is- I am amazed the way my Prof. can actually map everything in the world into this domain. In fact, on this blog, I can internationally claim that if anyone thinks DSP is not their passion, do come to my college and attend Semester 6, 45 marvelous lectures and 12 exciting labs is not what I am talking about, I am talking about the DSP of your life that he’ll teach you.
Here’s what he says about life- “God has given us a Bandwidth-that’s life, and it’s a mixture of good and bad. So our job is to figure out and to filter out the good for simple as that”. And if I perfectly mention it in DSP, I would say that he is one person who can remove the Gibb’s phenomenon out of your life forever, because he has the power to smoothen the discontinuities in his students’ lives, that too with ideal filter sharpness, yet no ripples.
He says- “There’s just one way to success, and that’s to have no negative thoughts ever. The only way that you should see, the only vision that you should hold, the only thing that your soul must echo is- I can do it, and there’s nothing that can’t be done”. Because life is a continuous function, and thus it has infinite solutions. He says; just leave the outcomes on themselves, because true efforts never fail. They are like those little sparks, who may take time, but when they fire, they can light miles.
Many a times, when his students come to him and tell him about a hundred reasons for not doing work, sometimes apparent and sometimes superficially plausible, he just smiles and says- “Cribbing will never help. Don’t hinge upon excuses. Make things work, and they will work!!” He says, when you really want something and you work on it by heart, mind and soul, even the inanimate lifeless things would wish for you, will make you win and make all your hurdles transparent; they will conspire to give you all that you truly desired.
We often tell him- “Sir, it’s not that easy. There are so many tasks, so many problems, the world is so difficult and Engineering, even more”. To that, sir says: “Two things are needed to win anything in life, howsoever mighty, or big, and they are Consistency and Thought”. He tells us to do our best, and leave the validation for the viability of our work to God.
Well, sir, I really have fallen out short on trying to figure out what’s the best way to thank you , for all talks that would keep me and all your followers smiling forever. But then I think, some people can never be thanked, because they are Infinite... And for us as average people, we are taught infinity doesn’t exist and we can never reach it . And as you say- God’s always unreachable....

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