Monday, October 25, 2010


When we start seeing around, we can often find the magnanimous amount of corruption, enlarged conspiracies and the never ending melodrama of the circles of infinite diplomacies, all hidden behind a veil that we can never put off. That’s how the world is, sweet but bitter!! And this kills, kills the innocence of truth, the hope of good, and the passion for life sometimes! Yes, at-least I can say that as a confident Engineering Student, still looking for a good place in the corrupt domains.
And there I am, back to my campus, back to the room of that single person whom I correctly call the panacea for all despair that his students have. A person who just simply says- “Why bother about the world, when it’s all about YOUR good deeds”, “why look at the world, and not yourself”. Yes, I can track it all back, when sir said- May be more than half of the things in this world are screwed up, but why do we not see the rest of them- that are ours. That’s the vision that my Mentor gave me and I think, in fact, I am sure, this is the only mantra for all success, satisfaction, happiness and peace.
Sir says there’s only one thing that works- and its TRUTH, the only achievement, the only way to a happy future, the only measure of the true success, the only thing in front of which every power fails, every corruption bows down and even the biggest ‘Wrong’ of the world would sit on suppliant knees to beg in repentance. That’s the power of Truth, simple and true...That’s all!!
There are certain sayings by special persons that are important. You just like to hear them. But for sir, neither of the above is applicable. Because these are not just sayings, these are some precious words, by a person whom I am not sure, if I should call a person, rather some heavenly messenger that I want to preserve whatever he says, forever. Perhaps that’s how teachers are, flawless and positive always... And their sayings, so truthful, that I know when I am going to be in trouble even after 20 years, I am going to come back to this blog... And I am going to return happy.... Thank you sir... for being there always....

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