Saturday, September 18, 2010


Springs are places where origins, optimisms, beginnings and hopes give themselves the shape for their existence. It is the place wherefrom the decisions find strength to walk down the right lanes to reach destinations. And that’s why I say, my mentor is the spring of all optimism that exists.
As he always does say, this time too, it’s about a great philosophy, that I particularly liked and assimilated too. He says- “Life is a game, where God is playing both sides, and we are the outcomes”. Truthfully enough, a game on which we have no hold, we aren’t players, we aren’t anything, just what God decides us to be. So the best way to live is be happy and face what comes ahead, with all energy and spirit, no apprehensions, no expectations.
Sir says, sometimes in life, it’s important to leave the threads loose, and give life a chance to be what it wants to be. The trick is to let things happen the way they want to! You loosen the threads, not cut them. Hoping for good is always wanted, but hoping too much is not! And for all people who believe that future might not be good, sir has to say- Anticipating the future before you live it makes life lesser. The zest of life is in living it full, loosing it less.
For the sadness in us many a times because of small failures, which you converted in innumerable smiles forever, because your teachings give us the meanings of life, all we can say is- “We wish God had created more ways to thank a person like you”. But all we can desire with a true wish is your happiness and we are sure it will be yours, because even God would be proud of creating a person like you....

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