Sunday, September 5, 2010


Magics do happen. In fact, behind every successful story there’s a magician. And that magician is called- “TEACHER”. A person who, I believe, can inspire you when you are most discouraged, a person who can breathe life in you when you are about to give up, a person who can create belief when all your beliefs have died down, a person who can give you existence when you have lost it, the one who is true, splendid, and in true sense – a messenger sent by God for thousands of those whom God wants to be happy, educated and truthful.
On this eve of Teacher day, not just from me to my teacher but by every true disciple of the world to his magnificent teacher- All we wish is your blessings to be with us forever, all we pray is for you to be happy always, all we desire is for God to give you the honour of being “THE BEST TEACHER”. We know we are not at the position of wishing that, but with a hope that on Teacher’s day, God will listen to the students for sure, all we ask is- for your all wishes to be true always.....


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