Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Some waters are deep! Ordinary people remain at the shores because the waves seem too large to catch up with, but once you take a dip, your ‘want’ to drown yourself in the water keeps increasing day by day, second by second. And one of those deep, pacifying yet exciting waters is “ENLIGHTENMENT”. Too far yet close, achievable yet unknown!!
Waters are difficult to cross always. You don’t only need boats! What you actually need is- The person who knows where the treasure of the ocean lies! A person that by now, I suppose, every reader of this blog respects, appreciates and admires. To me particularly, rooms of the most learned Professors have been monotonous. Books, papers, pens, mark sheets, magnifiers, a few capacitances and big awards-if you happen to be unfortunately in an Engineering College- That’s called a Professor’s room.
But for the person who is the reason for this blog and its infinite worthy teachings, I have found his room close to my Classroom. A classroom where, when the chalk works, the writings get scribbled not on the black board, but straight in my mind! A classroom where I don’t study about processors and micro controllers, but about making my visions right.  
Being an Engineer, I think it’s a part of our habit. We don’t leave loopholes in making notes. We are extractors. So here’s a part from the notes I made today, no fortunately not about rectifiers, but about life....
Sir says, life is not about running a race or winning it, it is about peace, it is about inner satisfaction, it’s about the simplicity of an inherent existence. Races can’t ever make us win, they create instabilities that ripple down the society and lead to the biggest waves of unstable oscillations. The kind of instability that leads to winning, but not to true success, that leads to money, but not to contentment. And in life, the latter matter more, much more.
About every Engineer, there is a single story- and the title of that story is blindly- Placement. If you need elaborations- PACKAGE. That’s where life ends for us! But sir says, the depth of knowledge can bring any success, the shallow muds can keep you engaged but they can never bring happiness! Money is always an entity, will always be, but it never was “THE entity”, and never will be.
On knowing yourself , sir has to say- “If ever in life, you need to analyze what you are, what you have been, just see the mirror, as simple as that”. And then may be, you will come to know, what you have done, what you have lost, what you have been, what you have got. Sir says- “At the end it is about YOU and YOU”. Challenges can never be taken from outside. It’s just between the little machinery in there- your heart and your mind. Your heart wishes, and your mind does- that’s the path for every success- From the heart straight to the Mind- No hormones, no blood, just the spark to get lighted, to be successful.
Failures are something that we all fear- from age 1 for the fear of not getting food, to age 60 of not getting money. But sir says- if you face failure in life, it has got just two meanings- either the path is difficult so you will need to work harder, or the path is not for you, may be you were meant to be someone else. Failure never means pessimism, the thought that you have failed is wrong. Failure always means optimism- your efforts can fail, but not you. Failures are created because of our Apprehensions- the negative that we emit, once the apprehensions come to an end, every storm inside us comes to a stop. That’s where we forget about the differences between winning and failing. And that’s when we truly win, from inside!!
Things always come up together. So for Success , sir says- success is when you learn to LEARN without fearing, it is about accepting that you can loose, it’s about losing in small trifles to win the big war. Success is always simple, the paths are a bit twisted!  And for success, all we need is to believe in ourselves, to believe in God. And  if you need to see God, you need to be sure that everything inside you comes transparent, without flaw, without malice, without the heavy stones of wild games that destroy the flow of natural emotions.
Sir says- The true bondages are linked by heart. They are not about showing or flaunting your respect and feelings, it is more about valuing them, it is about wishing for someone’s good when miles away, it’s about the large multidimensional heavy-weighted omnipotent blessings that come in nanoseconds to you when you need them- Against all laws of science, but following the law of true bonds!! And for your followers sir, the bonds were and will always be important, because they are the threads which taught us to live life the way it is- difficult but easy, sad but happy, because you taught us to see the better side of things!!

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