Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Some people in life are revered enough that taking a blessing from them becomes a source of peace, and happiness. This one- a salute from all your students for the infinite , unweighed blessings that only a true GURU can give....

When we are sad,
And our feelings bad,
The one that elates,
From the heaven’s straight,
What relieves that gloomy state??
And rejuvenates our happiness great??
The blessings of our teacher true,
When he says- “God bless you”

In the rains of fears,
In the rivers of tears,
The one that brings us back,
And again lights our track,
What brightens those sad fates??
And opens our strength’s gates??
The colours of that pious hue,
When he says- “God bless you”

In our life so long,
And its challenges strong,
The one that brings belief,
The one that brings relief,
Are those blessings huge and wide,
From our mentor, from our guide,
Pure as a prayer, and the Almighty’s view,
Just that little- “God bless you”


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