Saturday, January 1, 2011


From the ramps and steps in Signals and Systems,
To the FFTs of Digital signal Processing,
From the random variables of probability theory,
To the Nash Equilibria of Game theory,
From the Pareto’s principle
To the Hamming Windows....

We have learnt a lot from him in the years that went by, but this New Year, may be it would be great if we tell our readers, what our Professor has taught us beyond that....

Professor, wishing you a very Happy New Year,2011, this one’s for you...

In the year that went by............
We have learnt how not to lie ever,
Because we saw you stating truths always,
We have learnt not to deceive ever,
Because we saw you loyal always,
We have learnt how not to get defeated ever,
Because we saw you optimistic always,
We have learnt how not to be sad ever,
Because we have seen you smiling always,
We have evolved from students to your disciples forever,
Because we have decided to keep praying YOU always.....

For all years to come, and all paths to walk,
For all days to light, and all thoughts to talk,
We wish for your blessings to be with us long,
And your guidance whenever we take any ways wrong....

Years will come and Years will go..
Some will be high and some low,
But one thing’s for sure, that for all those years, each day... We will pray...

May every day, widen your smiles,
Brighten your eyes, strengthen your dreams,
Elate your heart, enlighten your soul...
 Thank you for being the reason we'll have a very happy and enlightened new year...!


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